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Supersonic is an art blog that is followed by over 400,000 tumblr users making it one of the most viewed art sites on the internet.
It was created in 2008 as a personal blog but has, since 2010, been specifically focused on art and artists. Supersonic seeks to chronicle the rise of the “electronic school of new contemporary art.”
I define this movement as the generation of artists merging illustration and fine art from their use of the internet and other electronic means. These artists have been exposed to endless amounts of aesthetic inspiration and saturated with pop culture their entire lives.
Furthermore their lives have been saturated with media coverage of war and worldwide horrors at a level no other generation has experienced, strongly influencing an escapist mentality within their art that often exhibits itself via strong themes of nostalgia and surrealism taking place in realistic and fantasy environments.

Zach-Tutor_P1The Difference Between Good And Great | People who are good at what they do don’t break any boundaries.  People who are great at what they do push what they do until it breaks into something brand new.  They constantly test and seek out their passion.  People who are really, really great at what they do have failed many times over.  People who are only just good at what they do are too scared to fail.  The only way to learn is to mess up and then build and build and build until you have something brand new.

A Key Talent | Discipline is the greatest strength that I think I have learned.  It allows me patience.  It allows me to bear all the weight that is around me.  It has taught me that through dedication there is great reward.  Discipline also refines itself within you.  When you practice with it, it becomes stronger just like any muscle.  It’s a constant battle that will never stop because you’ll have that feeling to need to procrastinate but the gift of discipline is the reward that hard will always, always bring.  It is something you have to practice and you have to make it a habit.  Something done small every day is the best way to start it.  Perhaps exercising, going for a run, writing in a journal or reading.  If you can make yourself do any of those things every day, you can set your mind to do anything else every day and it’s through that, that success can be found.

The Characteristics Of Success | Passion and obsession.  Those are two good things to have.  Discipline, like I said above, is key above all.  Making yourself do something every day.  Don’t be afraid to do something you’ve never done before either.


Principles I Live By | Be nice to everyone, even your enemies.  You can learn from everyone.  Work hard and be nice.

How I Use My Mind | I keep lists in my mind.  I’m constantly marking things off up there.  I have an overall picture of how I want things to be and the crossing off of the smaller things is sort of like drawing a piece of art.  Each little notch is a mark with my pencil, slowly creating a beautiful picture.

The Meaning Of Life | The meaning of life is to live.  At all costs live.

I Am Driven By | I know there are endless things in the world to discover and I also know I’ve barely uncovered any of the surface.  So what drives me is the beauty beyond what I already know.  Because it’s there, just waiting.

Zach-Tutor_P2My Definition Of Success | Success used to mean being “successful.”  But now, to me, it means being able to do what I enjoy because happiness outweighs success every time.




Dealing With Doubt | I honestly think that self-doubt, negativity and fear are wrongly viewed as bad things.  They’re good for you.  If they didn’t exist then everything would be a walk in the park.  For some reason doubting yourself has become a bad thing… No.  It’s not.  It’s you making sure of yourself.  And what’s wrong with that?  Nothing at all.  Fear is a tool.  Watch any animal backed into a corner, you’ll see what I mean.  Negativity?  Just more of a reason for you to further define what you’re creating.  Look at what that person feels is a negative thing, listen to them – don’t cast them off – and try to understand it.  It doesn’t mean you’re wrong but it’s always much better when all angles can be viewed.  Every day you should be doing something or working towards conquering your fear.


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