Yesim Kunter

Yesim is a Play Evangelist…. Believing in the Power of Play! Play is a state of MIND. She loves discovering new patterns and connecting them to discover new perspectives. Yesim has been giving lectures, talks, and facilitating workshops under the name of “Play to Innovate” intended to leverage creative decision-making, problem solving and team building services for organizations and educational institutions.

Yesim-Kunter_P3My Definition Of Success | The meaning of success transformed its meaning from outcome oriented to enjoying and celebrating any type of experience. Sometimes failures might seem to us that we are not getting anywhere and we consider them as unsuccessful results, but I’ve learned that every action has some kind of positive reaction. And it is important to take both positives and negatives the same and enjoy as they happen, then you make things happen and I think that is the key to a successful life.

I Am Driven By | Curiosity by itself is my drive, asking questions to explore the unknown….I am just inspired by everything that surrounds me, feelings, facts, relationships, the mind itself and people… Those are the things that motivate me to get to know more… and want to do more.

A Key Talent | Loving what I do and keeping the child like mind in me are my most important strengths. I still keep the child in me. What I mean is that, children in general are naturally curios, and have the ability to keep a positive attitude towards any kind of challenge, they explore, experiment, try, fail and try again and most of the time have FUN with the process. I think it is very important to have this attitudes towards what we do. You are never perfect in the beginning and it takes so much time to get better, you have to try till you master your talents. If you love what you do and keep on doing it, eventually you will reach a point that it will be uniquely yours.

The Characteristics Of Success | I hold onto 3 words on my journey: Perseverance, Passion, Resilience. Without passion I would have never chosen this journey, it was my starting point. With perseverance and resilience it gave me the courage to continue even when things didn’t go the way I wanted. And I feel what ever we wish, when we have it, the game doesn’t end there, the most important part starts when you have to still enjoy what you wished for.

Yesim-Kunter_P2Principles I Live By | Be kind and loving to everything. If you want to pass on the passion you have to others and make them feel what you feel it is first important to be kind.




How I Use My Mind | I see the World as my Playground. You have to keep the humorous part of you alive all the time, especially when things are not going right and enjoy the bumpy ride.  So I keep that mindset because you never know where the next surprise will come from… Life is full of surprises!!!

Lessons I Have Learnt | I learned that believing in the Power of People. You can start very small but as you start to pass your passion onto others it is not yours anymore. So you need to believe in others that they have a greater power than just yourself. That’s why it is important to create good connections with others and keep that connection. Re-evaluate yourself, adjust to situations and adapt to be able to continue your communication.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | For me it is very important to find meaning in what I do and a cause that will serve people. Since I have started working in the Toy Industry I’ve learned the importance of Play and from that I found my real reason in what I want to accomplish. It is the Playful mind that keeps us going and within that mind we celebrate, explore and create new meanings. I want to be able to share that knowledge and spread the importance of Play for people. Play does not only serve children but all of us. If we stop playing not only will we loose the connection to others but to ourselves.


Yesim-Kunter_P1The Meaning Of Life | Life has a complex way of creating meanings for us. It is not linear but it is multi dimensional. Life, is the mixture of all the positives and negatives and the voids, we shape everything around that.



The Best Advice I’ve Received | Always smile! Look from the positive side of things and continue walking no matter what.

I Am Inspired By | I’ve been inspired by the people who had the vision to build great communities and have believed in others while taking their journey. One of them has been my great grandfather who had built a city out of ashes to transform it into a city where people could enjoy.
Sir Ken Robinson for believing in Creativity that lives in every mind and just in Arts.


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