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Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is a huge fan of social networking, and particularly LinkedIn. She started using LinkedIn in 2006 when she saw a presentation on the opportunities of Business Networking with LinkedIn. Having doubled her own business with F2F networking, she saw the immense potential of a business online networking site.
Viveka is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert” and speaks to business owners, corporations, Legal Firms and associations on the benefits of marketing with social media, and in particular LinkedIn. She is the host of the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter: #LinkedInChat (Recently quoted by Mashable as one of the top 10 business blogs) and co-moderator of LinkedStrategies, the largest LinkedIn strategy group on LinkedIn. She is constantly learning, sharing and transferring social media skills and strategies to her tribe.

Viveka-von-Rosen_P1My Definition Of Success | Success to me now has so many factors.  Business success is the ability to work with only the folks I want to work with on projects I feel are worthwhile – without needing to focus solely on how much income they bring in.  The first time I was able to fire a client for being a jerk felt liberating (despite the fact that at the time they brought in 30% of my income!)  The freedom to choose whom I work with is a big indicator of success. Of course, I still measure my success in small part by income and “fame” as well, but those two aspects are less important to me than before.  Another aspect of success that is becoming more and more valuable is my time. I have not reached the level of success I want because I am still working like a crazy lady –albeit with people I adore – but even have to schedule in my exercise and family time to keep any kind of balance!

I Am Driven By | I simply love what I do.  And the fact that I am helping people I like do better in their businesses makes getting up every morning exciting. When I dread getting up in the mornings, that’s when I find something new to do. I recently found a vision board I created about 10 years ago and was amazed that I had manifested pretty much everything on it! I’m not saying wish upon a star and all your dreams will be fulfilled – but if you set goals, visualize them, add an emotional element and then work your butt off, you will succeed.

My Highlights | I’ve always wanted to write a book – I just thought it would be a science fiction novel!  But a business book on LinkedIn works too. I’m proud to have the book, to have a successful business I created myself, and mostly I am proud of the incredible network of family, friends and colleagues I get to hang out with!

The Difference Between Good And Great | Passion, effort and organization!  (I have the first two covered!)  Also – delegation is so important – and I am just learning how to do that!

Viveka-von-Rosen_P2A Key Talent | I’ve always been able to pick winners (except when dating) – and that’s not anything I can teach. BUT, I think what I can share is the importance of truly paying attention. And sometimes that means shaking up your routine. Drive a different route to work, watch a movie in another language, if you can, travel. Do things that force you to pay attention. You’ll be amazed at how it helps to clarify your thinking, how patterns develop, how you begin to become aware of life’s little clues and indicators. You’ll become more aware of opportunities in work, in relationships. And trust your gut. I took a big leap quitting my job to start training on LinkedIn full time (especially back then when I still had to educate people as to what it was.) But every fiber of my being was indicating that this was the right path. So I took it.

The Characteristics Of Success  | I’m a big believer in creating SMART goals, setting my tasks to achieve them, doing what I can, but also trusting the Universe to bring me the right people and opportunities to insure my success (this or something greater) and it has NEVER failed me.

Principles I Live By | It’s so cliché – but true. Treat others as you want to be treated. Trust your instincts. Be a go-giver before being a go-getter. Trust that the good you do will come back to your tenfold from the weirdest places!

Critical Skills I Develop | I absorb information – books, articles, blog casts. I trust the information shared with me by my friends. If I need something (say a piece of info for a webinar) it invariably ends up in my inbox.  ABL  = Always be Learning!
Also – I try to have a positive mindset. If I’m going to bitch about something I set a time limit.  I try to constantly put the challenges in perspective. When things happen – I take what I can from them, and try to move on. Negativity is so sticky, it’s not worth letting it pile up and bog you down. Play music you like, watch a comedy, get out in nature, change your circumstances and surroundings to change your attitude.

Lessons I Have Learnt | I wish I had learned to ask for help earlier. I wish I had trusted myself and my expertise earlier. I wish I had learned to delegate earlier. These 3 things have greatly contributed to my success. But mostly, if what you are doing is good for you and good for the community in some way, trust that you will be guided in bringing your genius to the world.

Dealing With Doubt | At the beginning of my LinkedIn career I discovered that my fiancé was cheating on me, and that our business was not nearly as success as I thought it had been. I was in a place where I literally lost everything overnight – except my friends, family and network.  Within hours of one of the worst nights of my life, my friends and family were pulling together to help move me forward.  And within a few days my professional network was lending a hand too. I started my new business within a week and was experiencing success within a few months. And now I see what a HUGE gift that situation was, since that previous relationship and business would only have limited my success.  I trusted there was a silver lining – and I was wrong!  It was a golden lining!

Performing At My Peak | You have to have your foundations in place.  Is your body healthy? Are you eating right and getting some exercise. Are you drinking more water than coffee? Are you finding moments of peace in your hectic day? Are you surrounding yourself with positive, smart people (notice my priority) Are you continuing to educate yourself? Are you shaking things up? Are you trying new things?  All this helps me perform at my peak (and when I am off kilter – my work suffers!)

Resources I Use To StViveka-von-Rosen_P3ay Inspired | I read Pulse (LinkedIn Newsreader) on my iPad every day. I read the Social Media Examiner every day. I attend many conferences (usually to speak – but I attend sessions too). I listen to music when I walk (all sorts.) I like Rom Coms and Comedy – I try not to watch violent movies – though I love sci-fi too.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I’d like to so a bit more speaking over seas since it pays better and I LOVE traveling to other countries. I’d like to make enough money to bring my friends and family with me when I travel. Other than that, I am living the life I’ve always wanted.

The Meaning Of Life | I think we are here to learn, to experience and to share. If you don’t allow those things to bloom in your life, it becomes grey and dull. Always be learning, always be trying new things (and old) and always be sharing what you have learned and experienced to uplift others.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Hire an assistant. Charge more. Seriously.

Advice On Building Wealth | Help other people – although do it to truly better their lives, not to make yourself look better (the problem with many “altruistic” actions these days). That being said – demand what you are worth. My best clients coincidentally pay me the most – and they are NOT my best clients because they do.  They just realize my value, and in turn I give them much more than the price of my work. My two worst clients were pro-bono folks who never did what I asked of them and never experienced success. Which is a shame because they had great products and services that could have helped thousands.

On Inspiring Others | In my job I just get to meet and hang out with awesome folks. I hang out more with the truly awesome ones. I am very lucky.

I Am Inspired By | Bob Burg, Malcolm Gladwell, Scott Stratten, Mari Smith, Jesus and Buddha.

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