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Vigdis Apeland Bergh

Vigdis Apeland Bergh is an interior architect & furniture designer MNIL. In 1996 she completed her masters degree in Interior and Furniture design, with exchange in London.  In 2000 she started her own design company -INNE DESIGN, based in Oslo. The company has been awarded a number of prestigious awards both in Norway and Internationally.


My Definition Of Success | Success is an ambiguous concept. A concept I in many ways find it hard to relate to. If you are strongly driven and passionate about what you do. If you are constantly trying to exceed your last project and are always reaching for higher goals, then I guess the price you pay is the feeling that true success is something always a little out of reach. Maybe next time if I just try a little bit harder…

I Am Driven By | My inner restlessness and impatience is probably my main source of drive and energy. A strong competitiveness and a need to win does also play an important role. It has taken me many years to understand my psychological drivers. A passion for creating new visual concepts and a restless, creative energy is constantly smouldering beneath the surface.

The Difference Between Good And Great | I once watched a documentary about the human brain. It explained in a very graphic way why different brains produce different abilities and talent and how specific parts of the brain are more active in some individuals. The documentary gave me an understanding of how genes play an important role in ones effort to really become great at something.

A Key Talent | Strength, that has been most critical to whatever success I may have achieved. Also, my refusal to give in to fear and even panic. The only advice I can give to others is to hold on to your initial conviction and assessment. Along the way fear will sometimes take control and you will be filled with negative thoughts. Reach back; connect with yourself at a time when you saw the situation in a more realistic way. Have faith in the plan you made for reaching your goal and stick to it no matter what. Be brave!

The Characteristics Of Success | In my strive to reach new goals, I often feel afraid and quite
confident at the same time. I think that the characteristics and behaviour that strongest contributes to make me reach many of my goals, is that I continue to push on – even when I’m terrified. When my fear tells me this is too big, too hard and much too difficult for a woman like me, it often feels like my strong will to overcome and eventually win, helps me and drives me on. It sometimes feels like a force that somehow is out of my control.

Principles I Live By | These are big questions! I believe in being direct and open. I have been described as a “what you see is what you get person”. This is useful in discussions and makes co-operating with others in a truthful manner easier.

How I Use My Mind | In trying to achieve my goals I find it important to allow myself to have big dreams. It is of course equally important to define how one is to realize the dream step by step in a practical and realistic way. I try to picture how wonderful things have been achieved by people with both strengths and weaknesses!

Lessons I Have Learnt | In my career as well as in life one hard lesson has been that not every person you meet is your friend. Some of the people you meet will want to use you or manipulate you. Experiences like this steal a lot of energy and creativity. Some people will drain you of all your vitality. Leave them behind.

Dealing With Doubt | Early in my career I got the opportunity to work with a project that was far too comprehensive and much too hard for someone with my limited experience at that time. An inner drive still made me go for it. I was very scared, hardly slept and had constant stomach aches. I actually had fantasies of having a car accident on the way to one of the important meetings. Arriving at the meeting I was close to fainting and I still have vivid recollection of the sickening fear that filled me with sheer terror that time. To my astonishment the meeting went well. I succeeded in managing my fear. Maybe my most important victory. It really made me stronger.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | When I was a child my parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted in life. I still don´t fully understand what they meant by that. Still I feel it left me with a sense of optimism and determination and maybe a naive belief that I really can become whatever I want.

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