Tyler Schooley | Social Entrepreneur & President of Inflate Africa

Tyler Schooley

Tyler is an American social entrepreneur who has a passion for using for-profit business ventures to empower individuals and build relationships in developing countries. He was instinctively drawn to Uganda and moved to Kampala in 2008, friendless, and with a simple vision to “do business” and “impact people.” His big-picture vision is to launch socially proactive businesses in Africa that are funded by a mix of local and American capital. Tyler graduated magna cum laude from Oklahoma State University (USA) with a B.S. Finance degree. He resides in Kampala, Uganda.

quote 1My Definition Of Success | Success is a daily movement to become a more loving person. My objective in this lifetime is to project as much positive energy into the world as I can. We begin as dust and then return to dust, so what else remains in this world when we are gone other than the love that we shared with others?

I Am Driven By | From a spiritually altruistic place, I am driven by my desire to serve others with the hope that I will assist them to live a more fulfilled life. In the game of business, I’m driven by the potential for growth. Since my childhood, I’ve always loved playing with numbers, so I’m keen to see the numbers in my business get larger and larger, as this is a cornerstone of worldly success.

The Difference Between Good And Great | Hard work and laser-like focus


A Key Talent | Vision and Focus
To have a VISION is to see something that does not exist yet to behave as though it already exists. This leads others to buy into your vision. When accompanied by laser-like focus and hard work, your efforts will transform industries, communities, societies, and people’s individual lives.
Advice: Spend 15 silent minutes several times a week dreaming about the future you desire for yourself. Write down the thoughts that come to your mind. You will gradually start to develop a clearer vision for your personal life, family, organization, community, etc. After doing this exercise for one month, you will be ready to write a specific vision that you want to turn into a reality.
For the next three months, spend 15 silent minutes every day reflecting on this vision and envisioning it happening. Then, on a daily basis, behave like your vision is already a reality. Outsiders may consider you crazy! Maintain a narrow focus on each daily task that contributes to your vision.
Follow these steps and you are likely to see some magic happen in your life!
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Principles I Live By | Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Critical Skills I Develop | The heart of entrepreneurship is in sales. In my early days as an entrepreneur, I was convinced that I was terrible at sales. Of course, I was with that mentality! It was only after I embraced the notion that sales is about serving others and being true to yourself that I became a solid salesperson. When you have a product or service that benefits others, it becomes very easy to sell it to them.

How I Use My Mind | In addition to forming a focused vision that is always planted in your mind, it is important to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Only one minute of daily reflection on the blessings in your life will pay large dividends towards your fulfillment. Try it out!

Lessons I Have Learnt | “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (Ian MacLaren)

Performing At My Peak | I create a 30-minute space of solitude each day that I use to mediate and reflect on the “bigger picture.” This time centers me and leads me to a healthier lifestyle.

The Meaning Of Life | To become and radiate constant love.

Advice On Building Wealth | When you are on your deathbed, will this pursuit of riches matter to you? Focus first on seeking meaning in the intangibles of life: kindness, joy, hope, love, compassion, faith, etc. If you feel at peace in this arena of contemplation and believe that the pursuit of financial wealth will allow you to share more of these intangibles into the world, then develop an entrepreneurial vision and pursue it with laser-like focus and incomprehensible persistence.
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On Inspiring Others | When employees know that you are “for them” more than you are “for the company,” I have found that potential is unlocked, which paradoxically benefits the company. Autonomy is also important for high-performing individuals. A sense of ownership and visible results that are directly correlated with an employee’s efforts play a key role in performance.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I would like to be remembered as an inspirational person that always followed his heart and continuously journeyed to become a more loving person, which subsequently positively impacted many individuals’ lives.

Photo credits – Dani Kreutter

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