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Since 1992 Torsten Will has inspired tens of thousands of people as a success coach and speaker.

Prominent personalities, including politicians, TV presenters, musicians and athletes all attend his seminars to ensure they are in their permanent peak condition. International companies and organizations use his expertise for motivation, communication and success.


Torsten-Will_P1My Definition Of Success | Success for me is defined as measurable progress towards your personal goals in reasonable time.

I Am Driven By | The passion to fulfill the dreams of others. There is nothing more inspiring than to see the personal growth of somebody. If you always care for the dreams of others there will always be a place for your own dreams.

My Highlights | The lifestyle itself. To be a 100 % free in terms of what I do, when and where I do it, with whom I do it and how much I do.

The Difference Between Good And Great | The difference is the so called Cha-Cha-Cha personality. People who are great in what they do are, do it with Cha-racter, Cha-risma and Cha-rme. So it is all about personal development, attitude and communication.

A Key Talent | I think there is not this one talent; it is always a combination of being good at something and believing in it, so that you can become a record holder of your discipline. But even the greatest talent is nothing without attitude. Stop complaining, set the sail of your philosophy of life right and start thinking positive. Nothing has a meaning, accept the one your are giving to it. So, keep your eye on the right aspects of life. It is not what you own, but who you are and who you will become. For over 20 years I answer three questions every night on paper: 1. What am I thankful for? 2. What could I give to empower the life of others? 3. Who loves me and who do I love? These three simple questions let me stay full of joy and power.
The Characteristics Of Success | It is the combination of 6 different characteristics: empathy, practical thinking, structured thinking, self-esteem, role awareness positive self-direction.

Principles I Live By | Regarding success, it is “simple, fun and magic”. Whatever I do has to be simple, full of fun and “magic”, which means it should give energy instead of using it.

Lessons I Have Learnt | If things have to chance, you have to change first.

Dealing With Doubt | Get back to the joys of life by reading a motivational book, taking part in a seminar or watching an inspiring movie. Self-doubt, fear or negativity is like a cold. You have to take medicine, eat healthy food and relax. So if you feel that a “cold” is coming, start your recovery program immediately.

Performing At My Peak | I always ask myself: “Is there anything I should have done better, with more passion and energy?” And if the answer is “Yes!” I do it again.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | Leaders are readers. Whatever I can find to learn, motivate and inspire myself, I use it. My No. 1 resource is Jim Rohn, who was my personal coach for over 20 years until he passed away too early.

Torsten-Will_P2My Future Dreams And Ambitions | Staying healthy, travel the world, helping other reach their goals.

The Meaning Of Life | To care for others, share love and to enjoy life itself by becoming the best possible human being we can be in order to prepare us for eternity.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Jim Rohn: Work harder on you self, than you do on your job for a real investment into future.

Advice On Building Wealth | Why do you want to achieve it? Ask about the why behind the goal. If the real why is clear, the how will appear. And then: Imagine your goal, believe in it and Action! Do it!

On Inspiring Others | I keep my eyes open, talk to everybody about my ideas, dreams and goals and ask who they know to support me. There is no better way to find great people than by talking to others and asking the magic question: Who do you know?

I Am Inspired By | There are so many role models in daily life: Children full of energy, mothers full of love, older people full of wisdom. It is a daily challenge to find and absorb the resources of motivation, inspiration and success life has to offer.

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