Tony Uragallo | Owner of world’s largest wingsuit manufacturer and champion wingsuit flyer

Tony Uragallo

Tony Uragallo has over 40 years of skydiving experience and is the founder and owner of Tonysuit wingsuits, the world’s largest jumpsuit manufacturer. Founded in Florida, USA in 1976, Tonysuits has been involved in producing wingsuits since the early 1990s. Tonysuit wingsuits allow skydivers and BASE (Building, Antenna, Space and Earth) jumpers to realise the dream of human flight, gliding amongst the clouds, to make flock formations and to swoop along the mountainside.

Tony Urgallo imagesMy Definition of Success | Success gives my life meaning, I strive to make the best wing suits, to go compete in them and to win or excel in some way, against young men a 1/3 of my age in what has become THE most dangerous sport in the world

What Drives Me | Work, and a need to be the best, for my product and for my sport. To make a living and build something I can retire on

Tony UrgalloHighlights | Competitions, some where I had no chance but that I won or came 2nd. Winning the world base race last year was the best, the year before they wouldn’t let me enter as I didn’t have enough base jumps, Also when people tell me my suits are the best or i see a competition when my suits won, we won EVERY competition in 2013 (so far) base and Skydiving,

The Difference between good and Great | First you need talent, then you need to apply that to practicing all the time, add the two together and you got a good performer.

Characteristics of Success | at work I love to research, to make prototypes and be honest when testing them, it’s too easy to be tired from experimenting and say “that will do”  I work on that project till a Wingsuit has “the magic”

Tony Urgallo and wifeThe Principles I live by | Work hard, have fun, be honest with yourself and others, love my wife and kids.

Daily Actions for Success | Now its doing well at age 60, these guys are 25, you need a mental relaxation, a physical looseness and a want to go practice something I’m not good at, that’s the hardest part but the feeling i get when i achieve the skill I’m looking for is fabulous

Dealing with Doubt | Breathe, relax, remember your success’, strive on with the crazy idea no one thinks will work, believe in yourself,

Tony_Uragallo_flyingMy Dream | To own a Farm/ranch in Montana with a runway where I can test my suits, to have horses and learn to cross-country race, to grow hemp and make our own fabric and hemp clothing.

The Meaning of Life | We’re here to learn

Best Advice I have ever Received | I’ve never had any real advice, my way is unique, sometimes I wish I had some advice to stop the mess ups I’ve made.

Advice for Building Wealth | Work hard but have fun doing it, be excited by it.

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