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Tony Horton

Tony Horton is an American fitness trainer best known for the boot camp style P90X home fitness program. Tony has been featured in numerous national publications like Men’s Fitness, Fitness, SELF, Women’s Health, People, LA HEALTH, ESPN, Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Politico, LA Times, Roll Call, Military Times and has made multiple appearances on National Television, including CNN, ABC, A&E, NBC, CBS, FOX and TV Guide Network. His first book “Bring It,” debuted in January 2010, and his second eBook “Crush It,” debuted in May 2012. His latest book, “The Big Picture,” was released this year, 2014.

My Definition Of Success | Success means being able to helTony Horton_P3p as many people as possible; help them learn to eat better food regularly and exercise, there’s nothing better than that. Initially I thought success was having nice things and money, but that’s not important to me any more. What’s truly important is that I connect with others and support them on their journey as much as I can.

The Difference Between good And Great | I think the big difference is that the people who are great at what they do continue to learn and educate themselves. Fitness and healthy eating is also a big part of their life. Before I found fitness, I wasn’t great at anything. It supports me in being a better person and gives me the motivation and drive I need by keeping me healthy and strong. People who are good have mastered one thing, and continue to play that same note. The great are truly willing to put themselves in situations where they are forced to learn over and over again. They set trends, and create better concepts for everyone.


My Key Talents |
1. Curiosity – what is it that I don’t know, that I need to know to be more successful and communicate with people better?
2. Consistency – it’s essential, show up – 80% of life is showing up. Showing up will give me the answers.
3. Commitment – it’s affiliated with purpose. Align yourself with something that is a passion and purpose. That makes journey more interesting and fulfilling, more likely to come to fruition.

Tony Horton _P1Principles I Live By | Be of service and help others. Understanding the difference between right and wrong, and the difference between reality and an obscured skewed perception of reality. It’s all about staying optimistic, hopeful and curious.
Knowing that the truth is the single best way to get there. Don’t let anything or anybody sway you from that main intention. What tends to happen is that the propped up versions of our lives prevent us from moving forward and being productive because then you have to keep the lie alive and that takes a lot of energy. The truth will get you there. Use the 3-C’s (mentioned above in Questions 4). Too many people are too concerned with how others perceive them, so they are faking it until they make it. Be honest with yourself as you struggle in the process.   Be flexible, bend  – take responsibility, apologize. Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy or successful?
What once worked might not work anymore. Stop using techniques and practices that don’t work and adapt to new ones. When stuff changes, you have to be willing to change and reinvent yourself. Accepting change.

Performing At My Peak | By eating good food, getting enough sleep, managing stress and exercising everyday consistently. These are the things that keep me in peak shape.

Tony Horton_P2My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I am currently working on three separate projects.
1. Tony Horton Life –which is a high performance clothing line
2. TH Kitchen –healthy, organic  meal delivery  fresh not frozen. We are currently working on bringing it to 7-11 stores around the country
3. Pilot – Next Level – TV show based on learning from the very best of best when it comes to fitness, food and finances.

On Inspiring Others | I’m very lucky to consistently be surrounded by positive people who are interested in leading healthy and happy lives. This wasn’t always the case, but I found that the more I stayed consistent with my exercise and what is important to me, that I was happier and in turn it brought people into my life, My success comes from combining fitness and fun. Without fun its just fitness, but when you add fun, modifications silliness, there is a great likelihood that people will enjoy the process. While it’s competitive it’s also fun and hilarious.

My Role-models | Never really had any. Most coaches were more concerned about the score and not me. My workout partners are my role models now; they are young, ambitious, motivated and committed. I learn from them every day.


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