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Timothy Maurice Webster

Timothy Maurice Webster is the author of four bestselling books on human and brand behavior, focusing very much on the link between Brain Power and Brand Influence. His research, talks and media work explore the evolving trends in Neuroscience and how professionals and organizations should think about how the brain processes identity, brand power and human behavior. Timothy has worked between America, Africa and emerging markets for the past decade and his work is inspired by his studies in branding, design and neuroscience from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He is a regular contributor for Destiny Magazine, CNBC Africa, Metro FM,  Cliffcentra, The Daily Maverick and Forbes Woman Africa.

My definition of success | Finding perspective as your journey evolves.  You will experience extreme highs and lows but success is being able to see yourself in relation to your goals.  Goals shift and evolve over time but perspective is a constant. Early in my career, accumulating a strong reputation was important, but as I’ve grown I realize that seeking perspective has to be a starting point and the rest sorts itself out.

I am driven by | Inspiring people to see the potential of their brain to elevate their creativity and ultimately their story and legacy.

My ‘MAGIC’ comes from | My ability to find perspective in relating my life experiences to the explosive potential of other people.

The difference between good and great | There are many variables that separate the good from the great, but most of it is relentless grit.  When you add a strong IQ along with self-discipline and passion, you have a recipe for greatness.

A key talent | My ability to see women for who they are rather than as just sex objects.



The characteristics of Success | My willingness to remain curious about the power of knowledge even when it was extremely dark in my life.

Principles I live by | A. Honor the dignity and human in other people B. Explore diverse networks as much as possible.  C. Save and invest so you can explore the world. D. Make time for yourself so you can connect to your inner spiritual power.

Critical skills I develop | Practicing my writing and speaking skills.  Having knowledge and insight in your head without the ability to translate it to people is limiting- but when you are able to translate it in the most authentic and simple way, there is power.

Important lessons learnt | That there is genius in everyone and everyone has a story that will blow your mind.  Honor the power in every single human being and resist the temptation to elevate those who are already elevated.

Dealing with doubt and fear | Right before I moved to South Africa at 30 years old, I was terrified.  Everyone told me it was a mistake.  My career was thriving in New York.  I only knew one person on a continent of 1 billion people… so this was terrifying.  But, I’ve always been spiritual, not religious, but very spiritual.  And, deep inside, I believed that if I can commit to my passion, believed that God had my back and connected to each new person that I met on a soul level, I would be fine.

Performing at my peak | Me Time is critical and vital.  But also exercising and eating healthy- I can’t stress this enough.  I believe poor diets and poor health kills more careers than even mindset issues.

Resources I use to keep inspired | I’m obsessed with podcasts and any new content.  I don’t get stuck on any old book/movie, I’m always in search of new insights and new content.

My future dreams and ambitions | To create an institute that partners with global minds to produce ground breaking insights for people to see their social, cultural, intellectual, ecological and mental power.

How I balance high performance with happiness and contentment | I’ve never concerned myself with being happy.  I’m more interested in Joy.  Happiness is fleeting and a surface thing.  Joy combines perspective and spiritual fulfillment.

Best advice received | My mentor always encourages me to focus and this has been vital.

Advice on building wealth | Marry an element of your passion with a market need/problem and then find a brilliant investment mind to help you think about finances along the way.

How I motivate and keep great people working with me | Connect people to what they care about- they’ll light up and come alive.

I am inspired by | Everyone I meet, and can connect to, moves me on some level.  My Grandfather was a major role model because he accomplished so much during a period where the odds were stacked against him.

The Legacy I would like to leave | That I paid attention to each individual’s majestic power.

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