Teryl Schroenn

Teryl Schroenn is the Chief Executive Officer of Accsys. She is a Member of the Business Women’s Association.

Teryl Schroenn 3My Definition Of Success | Success gives you choices and freedom. It also comes with responsibility to ensure that your success is built in a way that aligns with your values and principles.

Principles I Live By | Decisions, like rules, are made to be broken. When a decision is clearly wrong, don’t stick to it because you are afraid people will think you are weak. Stick to your principles, not your decisions.

Lessons I Have Learnt | People will let you down, but more people will rise to the occasion. Don’t anticipate the negative situations with trepidation, rather allow for the risk, take it into your strategy and then move forward. Also ask for opinions and input, but know that the final decision is yours and live with that responsibility.

Dealing With Doubt | Celebrate the positive, deal with the negative, believe the good things that people tell you, don’t keep putting yourself down.

Teryl Schroenn 2Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | Love reading about almost anything, books, magazines, articles. I write a blog and articles and do a lot of research around topics that interest me. I also am lucky to have some very clever people in my life who give me a lot of input.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | It’s still happening. As a business manager, follow the money, if you know what’s going out, you know what is happening in the business. As a people manager, always leave people with dignity, no matter how bad the offence.

Advice On Building Wealth | Study Richard Branson

On Inspiring Others | Accepting the reality that people are free to live their own lives and that you are a part of the journey. So if you are building great memories in the workplace, people are likely to stay longer. And those that leave will come back when you are part of the next stage.

Teryl Schroenn 1I Am Inspired By | People who enjoy the moment. I am inspired by people who dream both big and small. It is not always about grandeur, there are amazing people who, by being in a room, make everybody feel good about themselves. In business, Wendy Lucas-Bull springs to mind, incredibly successful businesswoman, as well as a warm and loving family.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | People who have learnt from me that work is only work when you stop enjoying what you do.

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