Shaun Raaff

Shaun Raaff is the founder of MAD2Run which is an annual fund raising event in support of the MAD Leadership Foundation™. It’s a 7-day long relay-style running adventure from Johannesburg to Cape Town with 12 runners embracing the journey. This event was initiated in 2012, when Raaff decided that it was time be proactive and make a positive contribution to his much loved country, South Africa. After watching an inspirational talk given by Braam Malherbe (who ran across the great wall of China in aid of the charity Miles for Smiles). It was decided that they would run from Johannesburg to Cape Town in relay teams.
In the MAD Leadership Foundation™ a great cause was found to put all of our efforts towards. The team was quickly moved by the inspiring work of this great education-based organisation, started by Francois Pienaar. There exists a shared vision and passion between the MAD Leadership Foundation™ and ourselves, in that we believe education to be the best way of improving ones standing in life, which has a substantial and sustainable impact on the holistic betterment of society.

Shaun-Raaff-1My Definition of Success | Success is such a loose term and I often see people define their success with material value. For me success would be defined by how many pitch up at my funeral, how many people had a genuinely impacted on their lives that they would take a morning to celebrate mine. I read a quote that said you only live once, but if you do it properly, then once is enough.

I Am Driven By | I have a young family, my wife and young son are huge motivators, as you want the people most close to you to be proud of what you do. On a greater scale though, I am a crazy passionate person about our country and want to see South Africa rise! If what I do can make a difference, then I will keep on going.

The Difference Between Good and Great | I truly believe that if you people who are passionate about what they do are the ones who achieve greatness. I look at role models in sport, business, life that are successful all have common threads. The other thing is dedication and hard work; there is no substitute for hard work. It is just a bonus if what you are working hard it is your passion.

Principles I Live By | Contribution beyond self will fill gaps that you can’t seem to fill yourself. Knowing that what you do makes a difference to someone else is a crazy feeling.

Shaun-Raaff-2How I Use My Mind | I really believe that if you surround yourself with success and successful people it makes a massive impact on you in terms of mind set! I have always tried to be surrounded by successful people.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | We as a group with MAD2Run want to build a brand that big business are happy to get behind. We know that there are negative connotations behind the words charity and donation. We have created an event whereby business get reach from a sponsorship perspective and by being a “win-win” meaning CSI initiative and getting reach through sponsorship. We donate every cent after expenses to the MAD Leadership Foundation after every event. In the two years thus far we have managed to raise over R500k and intend on reaching the million mark this year. With some success behind us, companies such as Vitality health and Multichoice have seen the value. I know that we have some serious success to come in the future. Watch this space – Can you imagine a group of MAD2Runners running from every major city in South Africa meeting in Cape Town for the 2 Oceans Marathon?

The Meaning of Life |I am not too sure, but run through a Karoo sunrise and you will be closer to finding out.

On Inspiring Others | There is  a theory on communicating inside out  by Simon Senek. My goal is to keep knowing WHY I do what I do, and the rest will take care of itself. There are so many inherently good people in South Africa who just need the avenue to Make their own difference. We provide that platform and allow people to believe in what we believe.

Shaun-Raaff-3I Am Inspired By | My late father was a magical human being who always wanted to see success in others. He too created an Educational Trust called the Tsepho Trust which my mother still runs. They have 26 beneficiaries this year. To be honest though, I am insired daily by the great people around me and this.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I would like to believe that when it is all said and done that my family, children and friends will know that I gave this life one helluva go! My dream is to see MAD2Run become as big as the Cape Epic.


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