Shabeer Khan | Chief Financial Officer of the DTI

Shabeer Khan

While Shabeer Khan, Chief Financial Officer of the DTI, admits to dreaming of becoming an astronaut, a Formula One racing driver and even a fireman as a young boy, he would now like to encourage young Chartered Accountants to take the route that he has taken.  At the age of 34 he confesses to having considered other career prospects but working for Government was a conscious decision for him and he assures us that nothing compares with the daily fulfillment he gets from his current role. The perception is that working for government can be a risky career choice but Khan says that working for the government provides an opportunity where you can enhance your skills and make a real contribution to your country. 

Shabeer-Khan_P3My Definition Of Success | Success is making a small difference in whatever you do. Eventually all the small differences add up and become one huge success.

I Am Driven By | The daily plight of impoverished communities drives me to be the most prudent I can be with public funds, it drives me to want to achieve more professionally and to give back to the community as much, and as often as I can. I’m driven by the dream that, one day, patients in public hospitals will receive the same standard of care that those in private hospitals expect and that children in public schools will experience the same or a better quality of education than that in private schools.

My Highlights | On a personal level, the highlight of my life was the births of my children. On a professional level, the highlight of my life was when I qualified as a Chartered Accountant, followed by my being appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of one of the biggest government departments.


The Difference Between Good And Great | I believe that good leaders get people to believe in them; great leaders inspire people to believe in themselves.

Shabeer-Khan_P2A Key Talent | I am intuitive. I am able to break complex issues down, simplify them and quickly comprehend them. I also appreciate the value of sound business ethics and the importance of meeting deadlines.

Principles I Live By | The most important principles to live by are those of honesty integrity and purity of character. I believe that one should always be true to oneself; the rest will fall into place.

I Am Inspired By | I stay inspired by:

  •      maintaining a positive attitude
  •      leading a healthy lifestyle
  •      Setting realistic goals & expectations ; and most importantly
  •      A firm belief with conviction in my faith.

I try to look for inspiration every day in everything, be it a simple quotation I’ve read in a book or something I’ve seen on my way to work, even the darkest places can provide inspiration if one looks closely enough.
It’s a simple process which has always helped me in achieving and appreciating success as well as overcoming life’s many challenges.

Shabeer-Khan_P1The Best Advice I’ve Received | “Strive not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.”

I Am Inspired By | At the risk of sounding cliché, I have to admit that my greatest inspiration is my Dad. My Dad is a retired school teacher who instilled principles of hard work, dedication and commitment within all of his children and motivated us to see the importance of education. He believes that one should lead by one’s own example. I have always had a passion for working with numbers and my Dad encouraged and constantly motivated me to take it to a higher level.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I would like to know that in some small way I have added value and made a difference in my family and with the people I work with but most of all, that I have made a difference in my country.

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