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Sean Wisedale 1Sean Wisedale is a South African adventurer and filmmaker. In 2004, he became the first African to climb the highest mountain on each continent; he produced eight documentaries and wrote the book “Freeze Frame” about his adventures. Sean is also a motivational speaker, surfer and yachtsman.

My Definition Of Success | Success is all-important. It’s the end to starting and finishing anything. Action is the beginning of all change. Without action there can be no change. If we are going to take action then it must be to achieve what it is we are going to try to change. If we do change what we set out to change then we have succeeded. As we all know, the only constant is change so success becomes a culture as we constantly keeping changing for the sake of improvement.

I Am Driven By | Overcoming challenges, the pursuit of peace, understanding the universe and nature, my family, the pursuit of longevity, the pursuit of mobility, understanding the human body and spirit.

My Highlights |

  • Completing my studies
  • Starting my video business in Johannesburg and eventually being successful enough to return to Durban
  • Climbing the Seven Summits – the highest mountain on each continent
  • Meeting Nelson Mandela
  • Competing at Ironman World Championships Hawaii
  • Marrying my wife Katherine and the birth of our daughter Sarah Jane

The Difference Between good And Great | Passion and the ability to focus on a vision or a dream. To be able to remain uninfluenced by extraneous factors and pursue their objective/s.
11-Steps To Achieve Anything |

  1. Develop a mental picture of exactly what it is you wish to achieve or change
  2. Ardently desire that objective
  3. Research the route to achieving it by reading and speaking unashamedly to as many people as possible about how to achieve it. Preferably to those who have achieved it.
  4. Find a mentor
  5. Raise the required resources
  6. Train your mind and body to deal with the rigors of the challenges
  7. Concentrate on your nutrition and health
  8. Focus on the future
  9. Be aware that success is a process. A number of failures may be necessary before eventually being successful. Success is very close to failure
  10. Be determined and willful
  11. Celebrate thoroughly when you achieve what it is you set out to

Sean Wisedale 2Characteristics Of Greatness |

  • Dogged determination
  • genuine passion
  • action (not words)
  • researching thoroughly
  • training the mind and body to deal with mental and physical fatigue
  • Loving the celebration
  • Never giving up

The Principles I Live By |

  • My life is governed seven parts out of ten by destiny and the Universe the remaining three parts are my own choice. What I choose to do must always be for the sake of goodness.
  • Do for the team and not for just one individual
  • My contribution towards the team is as important as the contribution towards myself
  • The captain does not always score the most runs
  • A goal is a goal only when I put a completion date to it
  • Preparation and Opportunity equals Luck
  • Family is first

My Critical Skills |
Knowledge of the challenge and the task

  • Adapting to variables
  • Multi dimensional thinking constantly
  • Multi-skills
  • Being downright uncompromising

How I Use My Mind | Mental strength is key. The ability to focus on an objective and omit all extraneous influences. For example when I am lying in a tent high up a mountain and the wind is lambasting it, the noise from the slapping fabric is deafening. I can choose to put in a set of earplugs but if I do this, I won’t hear other sounds. Like perhaps if the tent is tearing or a team mate is shouting from another tent. Yet the sound is preventing me from sleeping so what do I do? I always remember that after a great storm there will be a calm. I know my tent is secured, I rely on my knowledge of the weather, I know that I may have to endure a night without sleep but when the sun rises it will be another day. It’s that simple for me.

Lessons I’ve Learnt |

  • Always ask twice and ask yourself three times
  • Communication is not a sin
  • Believe that you are capable of achieving anything
  • Not everyone thinks like I do
  • Never judge anyone

Sean Wisedale 3Dealing With Doubt | When in doubt…pull out. If there is any doubt it’s there for a reason. Know yourself and trust your gut feel. I have rarely succeeded with doubt in my mind. The alternative is to find someone who can guide you through the doubt. Doubt is an emotion that is protective and must be respected. I guide people up mountains who doubt they could ever succeed. Thereafter they are liberated internally. To a certain degree that example helps me to overcome my own self-doubt. Doubt is a lack of knowledge.

Performing At My Peak | That is difficult. There are so many mitigating factors and variables such as bio-rhythms, nutrition deficiencies, fatigue, psychological impediments, etc.

Resources I Use | I research on the Internet. I read mainly text books. Occasionally I will read a novel. My favourite classics are John Steinbeck, Leon Uris and yes Wilbur Smith (he is well researched). I watch a lot of sport on HD.

My Dreams and Ambitions |

  • Surf a wave when I am a hundred years old
  • Educate my daughter
  • Continue to have a loving and prosperous family
  • Be balanced in all aspects of my life

The Meaning Of Life | He who dies having done the most good wins.

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received | Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

On Building Wealth | Growing rich and wealthy is not about the cash. It’s about the process of developing a brilliant product that inspires, is sought after and can be delivered cost effectively.

sean wisedaleInspiring Others | Finding great people is difficult, keeping them is harder. I guess that when someone shares a dream with you they engage at your level.

My Role models | My headmaster Buddy Herd (Athlone Boys) and my father in law Peter Rowan

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | Life is all we have. Enjoy every minute as if it’s the last. Fly high and always be a free spirit.

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