Sean Swarner | 2X Cancer Survivor, Climber, Author

Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner was voted One of the World’s Top 8 Inspiring People of all Time and is the recipient of ESPN’s, Don’t Ever Give Up Award. He is a two time cancer survivor who was first diagnosed at age 13 with Hodgkin’s Disease and later with Askin’s sarcoma and is believed to be the only person in the world to ever have been diagnosed with both these deadly cancers. Sean established his own foundation (The Cancer Climber Association) which promotes cancer awareness and helps raise money for cancer research. He is also the author of Keep Climbing.  

Sean Swarner_P2I Am Driven By | Knowing there are others in the world who are fighting for their lives, who need a little boost in life. Those who need hope in their lives are the ones who inspire me to Keep Climbing.

My Highlights | Battling through two cancers and being in remission is something to be proud of, but I was also given 3 months to live and then 14 days to live.  I was also in a coma for a year and now only have one lung. Climbing Everest with that one lung and becoming the first cancer survivor to stand on top of the world is something to be proud of as well.  What makes me most proud is when I speak to people and see that I’ve influenced their lives for the better… knowing I’ve made a difference.

The Difference Between good And Great | A certain set of values combined with confidence… but not over-confidence.  One must truly remain humble to achieve greatness.

Sean Swarner _P1Start Having Already Achieved | Many people view goal-setting incorrectly.  They picture the mountain and start at the base, in essence “climbing” to the summit and moving forward on goals accomplished.  Those successful goals give them a sense of encouragement and desire to continue.  What’s not correct about that view is when an obstacle is placed in one’s path that difficulty may be too large or overwhelming to overcome.  In my personal view… I begin successful.  I begin on the summit.  I take the mountain and flip it upside down.  Before I even begin on any journey, I picture the end result and make it real in my mind’s eye, and if any obstacles get in my path, they will only slow me down… never stop or prevent me from achieving my goal.  Why?  Because in my head I’m already there and anything that gets in my way is never enough to deter me from the emotions of already accomplishing my goal.

It Is important To | Live by a certain set of morals and ethics.



Sean Swarner_P3A Critical Skill To Achieve Success | It’s a mental ability to perceive success in my mind even before beginning.

How I Use My Mind |
It’s very important to do something that works for you, something that’s unique to your personal style of success.  However, during the journey to your goal, always remember that you do not have to be THE best…. But be YOUR best.

Advice On Building Wealth | Keep everything in perspective.  Keep in mind that neither of those terms (wealth or richness) mean the same to everyone, but if you want to feel rich or wealthy…. remove everything you have that money can’t buy and see what you have left.  Then you will truly feel rich in life.

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