Schuyler Vorster, founder and director of the IC | IC, says that the global increase in the demand for shared office spaces has much to do with the coworking business model which is based on the importance of community, innovation, and providing ways for businesses to run leaner.

What is your LIFE-MISSION in one sentence? | To look after others so that I can look after my family and myself.

What has been your biggest failure / learning experience? | I don’t have one, I try a lot of things so I’m used to set backs which I try to learn from.

What are the critical skills that you have used and worked on improving, in attaining your success? | Resilience and the ability to identify opportunity. The longer you try, the more likely you are of success. Knowing when to quit is also a skill I am learning.

What is your biggest weakness? | Focus – I tend to start and move on too quickly.

On a psychological or mind-set level, how do you use your mind and how do you think in a specific way to help you achieve your goals and realize your ambitions? | I think about them and visualize every day.

What do you want to achieve next and what’s in the way? | I would like to build and operate a boutique hotel and members club in Kalk Bay Area, close to home.

What is the best advice you have ever received? | Know when to quit and start something else.

Would you consider yourself a happy person? If so, how do you cultivate your daily happiness? | I am now. I appreciate what I have and recognize it. I was deeply unhappy for a very long time whilst I tried to figure out who I was and what I was supposed to do in life.

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