Rose Caiola

Rose Caiola could have easily been defined by her success in the highly competitive world of New York City real estate, but she has ventured far beyond the boundaries of the business world. Her yearning for a better understanding of human wellness has taken her down diverse paths and led her to meet many fascinating people who have enlightened and inspired her.

My Definition Of Success | Success means being able to look at where I am in life and feeling complete. It is when I feel comfortable in my skin, grateful for what I have, who I am, and what I can contribute to society. My definition has most definitely changed over the years! I used to think success was measured by what I had—the material things, what I could accomplish, and how fast I could get there. Having travelled that path left me empty-hearted in the end because the success I was searching for, working towards, wasn’t what I learned true success to be. Success lies within us not outside of us.

I Am Driven By | Connecting with people in a deep, meaningful way. People, relationships, and the beauty of life drive me.

My Highlights | The highlights of my life are my family—my husband and two beautiful children—as well as the amazing friends I’ve made along the way. The highlights of my career have included taking over our family’s real estate business with my brother after the passing of my father and increasing its success, which made it possible for me to launch Rewire Me, my online community for people seeking paths to self-improvement.

A Key Talent | One of my biggest strengths is my authenticity. I’m real—what you see is what you get. I’ve learned over the years that hiding from the truth of who you are only creates problems, and as life goes on those problems become deeper. When you’re authentic and you speak from your heart people pick up on that. Because they have nothing to protect or defend, nine out of ten times they will be as authentic as you are. When it’s appropriate I can be a hard-ass businesswomen, but I choose when I need to be that person and not be that person. There are times in the middle of a deal when I stop and ask myself how am I going to respond? I could let my ego and Sicilian temperament get the better of me; or I could take a deep breath and let my associate have the upper hand, because I’ve realized I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. If I choose the later it disarms them, they have no one to resist so they have no choice but to be open as well.
There’s a second thing I believe is critical to success: It’s important to keep an open mind and being willing to take risks—not just in business but also with people. You don’t need to pre-judge; you can let the person, the idea, or the information guide your reaction. This ties into the “real” and “authentic” statement above. I guess the short version is that there’s so much amazing stuff to do in life that you shouldn’t waste time on the bull…!

The Characteristics Of Success | Meditating, being an exceptional listener—an ability to really hear people—and a trust that everything will happen in its own time have helped me achieve the things I have.

Principles I Live By | Speak your truth, stay true to yourself, open your heart, allow yourself to give and receive, and don’t lose sight of your mission.

How I Use My Mind | I believe there is an energy greater than I am; that all things are possible. I don’t predict the outcome. Once we allow the “demons of doubt” (which is what I call those nasty doubtful thoughts that keep creeping into our minds) to enter we’re doomed—we’ve already predicted the outcome. However if we don’t allow our minds to go there (which we can do by stopping the thoughts as soon as they appear) then we allow possibilities to manifest. We can’t know what happens in the “unknown” but if we allow fear to prevent us from going there fear will predict what the outcome of a situation will be. I don’t trust fear so I’d rather live in the unknown-it’s much more fulfilling!

Lessons I Have Learnt | One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned (and that I continue to learn) is to trust my gut! It’s simple—we’re conditioned to overthink every decision and to doubt ourselves. Listen to your intuition and what it tells you to do!

Dealing With Doubt | I once climbed a 35-foot telephone pole in the middle of the desert and jumped off of it as a way to learn about transitions and letting go. That taught me a lot about facing my fears and conquering them and I apply the lessons from that experience every day.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | My goal is to continue to build the Rewire Me community, touching the lives of as many people as possible by working collaboratively with organizations to help initiate change and helping people become whole and happy.

The Meaning Of Life | I believe the meaning of life is to feel good about yourself, by doing what makes you happy and fills your heart, being kind, appreciating where you are in life and what’s around you, and giving back to
the community as best you can. Our purpose is to set the best example and create the best possible world for the next generation.

Rose-Caiola_P1Advice On Building Wealth | To ask themselves two questions: What does growing rich and building wealth mean to you? Will it help identify who you are or will it help enhance your culture and community? If it’s the latter then I’m confident they will be successful if; it’s not then I would suggest they work out the issues that come up when they ask themselves the question. When we strive for something in an inauthentic way—to prove to the world that we can be rich—then we are doing it for reasons other than personal growth. My experience with this has been that no matter how much wealth you have it doesn’t create personal happiness. Start by making sure you are clear about your wealth and what it means to you.

On Inspiring Others | I tend to attract people that are on a similar path to self-awareness. When you are all on the same path working toward the same goals you’re always learning about yourselves and about what makes you happy and whole and you’re grateful for all the things in your life. When you have that you can’t help but keep motivated!

I Am Inspired By | Louise Hay and Oprah Winfrey

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | The Legacy I would like to leave behind is to touch and inspire as many lives as possible, and that the work I’ve begun will continue long after I’m gone.

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