Rosa Park

Rosa Park is the publisher and editor of Quarterly Travel and Lifestyle Magazine of Cult Cereal Magazine launched in 2012. They launched with a print run of 3,000 copies. Today it has grown to 25,000 copies sold in 45 different countries and is sold in great shops and museums around the world.
My Definition Of Success | It’s almost impossible for me to answer this question because my definition of success is in constant flux, as I evolve and grow and develop.

The Difference Between Good And Great | Passion. And an unwavering dedication to what you do, this means a willingness to sacrifice for a meaningful end result.

A Key Talent | My biggest strength is also my biggest weakness, and that is my intense, obsessive personality. Whatever I decide is important to me – which inevitably shifts and changes over time – gets my undivided attention and almost nothing else matters. If I channel this towards something positive, then it’s wonderful, but if I do so towards something negative, then the results are disastrous. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum in my time! I am not sure that I would describe Cereal as being “successful” at this point in time, as I think it’s still very early days for us and I believe in longevity (we just passed our 2 year mark), but everything that we have accomplished so far has been down to sheer dedication and hard work. I am not exaggerating when I say that I haven’t had a day off since the day I started Cereal, and I have forgotten the meaning of weekends and evenings. Most days I am working until 2 or 3am. It’s that kind of personal sacrifice that has allowed us to grow as we have. It’s not for everyone, but it has been a hallmark of how my business partner and I have worked on our business.

Rosa-Park_P1Principles I Live By | I believe in honesty, reliability and loyalty above all else. Three traits that is seemingly harder and harder to come by, especially in business.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Performing At My Peak | Work harder than the day before.

The Meaning Of Life | If you find out, please let me know! I am constantly searching.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Play the long game; too many people these days are drawn to quick, overnight success which never lasts and doesn’t build character.

I Am Inspired By | My parents: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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