Reinier Evers | Entrepreneur, Presenter and Founder of Trendwatching

Reinier Evers

Reinier Evers is an accomplished trend watcher, entrepreneur, and presenter. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, and studied Business Policy at New York University. Throughout his career, Reinier has been a keynote speaker at online industry events, workshops, and conferences in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Africa and South America. He has also been quoted as a trend expert in numerous business publications, including Time Magazine and the New York Times.

My Definition Of Success Success means leading a meaningful life. Yes, this has changed, as success used to be about being seen/heard for me.

I Am Driven By Curiosity

I Am Proud Of I’m hardly ever proud of something.

The Difference Between good And Great Passion and tenacity

Key to Success Just do it and keep doing it, while sticking with some core principles, mainly about putting customers first, in any possible way.

Principles And Values I Live By Do, believe, aspire to whatever you want, as long as there’s no negative impact on others.

How I Use My Mind Always think of a few different ways to deal with opportunities and challenges. Think through endless scenarios and thus have plans B, C and D.

Lessons I’ve Learned Life is quite absurd, and thus you can find joy in virtually anything 😉

Performing At My Peak Have some time to yourself now and then. Preferably in a faraway, anonymous metropolis.

reinier-evers-founder-of-trendwatchingcomMy Dreams And Ambitions Start a few ventures that actively improve other people’s lives.

The Meaning Of Life There’s no meaning, but as we’re here, best to make a difference 😉

Advice To Someone Who Wanted To Build Wealth Ask them ‘Why’?

My Inspiration Enlightened democratic leaders.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave None, when you’re dead you’re dead.

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