Ran Neu-Ner

An entrepreneur from birth, Ran Neu-Ner believes business is business, whether you’re selling cabbages or cars. He graduated from university with a B.Com and a CFA, and, having added qualification to entrepreneurial drive, was unleashed onto the world of real business. After a number of business ventures – some hugely successful and some not – Neu-Ner started The Creative Counsel, a below-the-line activations company, with school friend Gil Oved in 2001, which they sold to Publicis in 2015 in the biggest ever agency deal. Ran is a perfectionist whose brain never switches off. Whether he is looking for new ideas to grow the business, flying helicopters, or trekking gorillas in Rwanda, there’s never a dull moment in his action packed life. Ran is a member of YPO.
Ran-Neu-Ner_P3My Definition Of Success | I used to define success by the size of the business/ bank account  that I had…
Today my view is very different and I define success as the number of people lives that I can positively touch! Whether directly or indirectly one can only measure true success by gauging the legacy his actions leave on other people.

The Difference Between Good And Great | The difference is simple – Passion. I always encourage my team to hire on passion rather than ability. Ability can be taught!
People that have passion for the industry will innovate and drive the industry forward.

The Characteristics Of Success | I was born with the fire to succeed and with extreme tenacity! I never take no for an answer, never stop thinking about the next big idea and never stop pursuing what I believe in.


Principles I Live By | Everything I am involved in must be BRILLIANT. You have one reputation and I am determined to make sure that mine in never tarnished by mediocrity! It’s Brilliance or Nothing!

Performing At My Peak | I love what I do and I am inspired everyday to keep forging ahead! I am motivated by the small successes everyday!
If ever I feel uninspired and a little slow – I look around at the amazing people I work with and have a responsibility to and I am immediately re-motivated.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I want to start a family and be as good a family man as I am in business!

The Best Advice I’ve Received | BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! Have the guts to see your flaws!
The only way to learn and grow is to be honest about where you are weak. All too often we don’t have the courage to admit our areas of weakness.


Advice On Building Wealth | Find something you are passionate about and make sure you always enjoy what you do. Once you have enough money to pay the bills you will find that doing something you love is way more fun than building wealth and that you will automatically build wealth by virtue of your passion.

On Inspiring Others | This is the burden held by every leader! The only way to motivate people to reach YOUR goals is to truly lead by example – to ensure that you lead with charisma and impeccable values at all times.

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