Rabbi David Rosen I International Director of Interreligious Affairs, AJC (American Jewish Committee)

Rabbi David Rosen

Rabbi David Rosen has dedicated his life to the promotion of interreligious understanding and cooperation. On a daily basis he practices respect, compassion and acceptance of diversity as well as trying to instil the same virtues in all who he encounters. For this he was made a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) by H.M Queen Elizabeth II as well as receiving a Papal Knighthood for his contribution to Jewish-Catholic reconciliation. Besides being a man of faith, peace and consciousness, he enjoys playing the piano and listening to classical music. We feel blessed to share his wisdom here:

My Definition Of Success Interestingly the word success comes from the Latin succedere which actually means “to come close after “, i.e. to strive to come as close as one can. That is rather different from the modern concept of success to mean attainment/full achievement. But anyone who believes that they have fulfilled everything feasible in any field, let alone in life as a whole, is at best self-delusional. Success is in the sincere effort itself and being able to look oneself in the mirror and honestly say to oneself: I did my best, I am doing my best.

I Am Driven By I am driven by the human encounter. Every human being is a world in her or himself. It is a wondrous joy and excitement to discover new worlds all the time.

My Highlights As indicated, there are highlights every day of my life; and certainly my wife, children and grandchildren are my greatest highlights. But in terms of personal honours, both receiving a Papal Knighthood as well as a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II were pretty cool.

The Magic in me originates From Whatever abilities I have, come from the Source of All, the Merciful Loving Creative power behind and within our cosmos. I was also blessed to grow up in a remarkable family, rooted in my Jewish heritage, but with a universal outlook and commitment which served as my foundation. But the very encounters I have with people and faiths around the world generate their own magic.

Principles, Values and Ideologies I Live By To live a life of respect and compassion for others and also for oneself.

How I Use My Mind Use it or lose it. Coming from a religious study tradition that places a premium on intellectual stimulation, it is enormously important for my soul and spirit to engage in that stimulation on a daily basis.

Lessons I Have Learnt No one religion can encapsulate the totality of the Divine. God is more than any one religion; but God is to be found throughout the diverse cultures of humanity and, above all, in every human person all of whom are created in the Divine Image.

Dealing With Doubt Doubt is essential for faith and commitment. A conviction without doubt tends to be arrogant insular and simply unpleasant.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired I am continuously inspired by my Heritage and its texts. But I try to always be open to inspiration from others and other tradition’s Sources.

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