Quotes From Rex Tillerson | CEO Of Exxon Mobil Corporation

Quotes From Rex Tillerson

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Rex Wayne Tillerson is an American businessman and is the chairman, president, and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corporation.Under Tillerson’s leadership Exxon acquired XTO Energy. Exxon has tied with Apple Inc. and Google to be one of the top three largest public companies by market value.

rex-tillersonOn Energy Consumption | When coal came into the picture, it took about 50 or 60 years to displace timber. Then, crude oil was found, and it took 60, 70 years, and then natural gas. So it takes 100 years or more for some new breakthrough in energy to become the dominant source. Most people have difficulty coming to grips with the sheer enormity of energy consumption.

On Natural Gas | Natural gas obviously brings with it a number of quality-of-life environmental benefits because it is a relatively clean-burning fuel. It has a CO2 footprint, but it has no particulates. It has none of the other emissions elements that are of concern to public health that other forms of power-generation fuels do have: coal, fuel oil, others.
In conventional oil and natural gas production, you always produce a lot of formation water, and it’s crummy water. It’s real salty. It’s got heavy metals in it. It’s got bad stuff in it.

On Changes To Weather Patterns | Changes to weather patterns that move crop production areas around – we’ll adapt to that. It’s an engineering problem, and it has engineering solutions.

Exxon-Tillerson-moneyOn The World’s Population | By the year 2040, the world’s population is likely to increase by about 2 billion people, with also projected economic output will be up about 130 percent versus the year 2010.

On A Good Foundation Is Critical For Success | Experience tells us that a good foundation is critical for success in the Arctic and elsewhere. ExxonMobil’s Sakhalin-1 project with Rosneft is an example where we have put this experience to work.

On People Living In Poverty | There are still hundreds of millions, billions of people living in abject poverty around the world. They need electricity. They need electricity they can count on, that they can afford. They need fuel to cook their food on that’s not animal dung.

On My Philosophy | My Philosophy is to make money. If I can drill and make money, then that’s what i want to do.

On Capital Intensive Business | Our industry remains massive and very much a long-term, capital-intensive business.

On Developing New Technologies | We need U.S. energy companies that have the scale and financial strength to make investments, undertake the risk and develop the new technologies.

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