Quotes From Mark Hurd | Chief Executive Officer Of Oracle Corporation

Mark Hurd

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Mark Vincent Hurd is co-CEO of Oracle Corporation, and the past chairman, chief executive officer, and president of Hewlett-Packard. At Hewlett-Packard, Hurd succeeded CFO Robert Wayman, who served as interim CEO from February 10, 2005 to March 28, 2005, after former CEO Carly Fiorina was forced by the board to resign.

mark-hurd-oracle-president-bloomberg-1200xx3000-1688-0-154On Showing You’re A Great Performer | The more accountable I can make you, the easier it is for you to show you’re a great performer.

On Getting Aggressive In The Marketplace | We’re going to go get aggressive in the marketplace. We put a lot into this, and we’ve got a lot more coming

On A Review Of Our Business | After a thorough review of our business, we have formulated a plan that will enable HP to begin delivering its full potential. We can perform better, for our customers and partners, our employees and our shareholders, and we will

Critical Skills I Have Developed | There is a lot of hope in the company

13.01.10-HurdOn The Company’s Results | Results have been inconsistent. The stock has been volatile, if not disappointing

On My Job Title | Our job is to execute.

On Using Matrix | The more I use a matrix, the easier I make it to blame someone else.

Lessons I Have Learnt | When someone gets a job, it better be clear what they did to get it.

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