Peter Harvey

With more than 26 years in IT and payment processing, Peter is a master when it comes to architecting solutions to clients’ exact requirements. He is an integral member of the PayGate team and works tirelessly to ensure a continuing culture of integrity and quality.

PayGate was established in 1999, as a simple and effective online payments solution. PayGate provide effective, turnkey payment solutions that keep businesses on top of the continuously evolving world of online payments. PayGate deliver effective merchant services that have the power to simplify seemingly complex problems. This contributes to their solid market leadership in the continuously evolving online payments arena.



The Difference Between Good And Great | The people who are great at what they do are passionate about it. They love what they do and that’s why they do it.

A Key Talent | I make an effort to listen when other people are talking.  Often a conversation is one way traffic with each party waiting politely (or not) for the other to finish talking simply so that they can continue with their own point of view.  I find if you really listen and make an effort to understand what the other person is saying, then this almost always leads greater cooperation and a willingness to succeed by all the parties involved.  This applies internally to the organization and externally with clients and suppliers.

Principles I Live By | Keep it ethical and honest, a win-win is always a good deal.

Critical Skills I Develop | Perseverance and a good attitude.


Lessons I Have Learnt | There is always a silver lining, look for the opportunity in every situation.

Dealing With Doubt | This happens regularly. I break big problems into small pieces and deal with them one at a time. One or two small successes build positive momentum.

Performing At My Peak | A healthy body a healthy mind.  I enjoy the outdoors and exercise regularly to keep fit.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | I read a lot of books, preferably non-fiction, but occasionally a good story book too.

The Meaning Of Life | It’s a privilege to be here, live life to the full and enjoy it.


The Best Advice I’ve Received | It doesn’t help to worry. Share problems (if/when necessary), break them down into smaller issues and deal with them one by one.

I Am Inspired By | Barack Obama

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