Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi is a South African television presenter, model and actress who first rose to fame by co-presenting the kid’s show iCrew on SABC3.
She is also known for her role as orphan Samkelisiwe Nkambule on the SABC1 drama series Zone 14, from 2011-2012. Other television series she has appeared in include Soul City, Rhythm City and The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Pearl-Thusi_P2My Definition Of Success | Success means happiness and fulfilment. Reaching goals, no matter what they are, is supposed to bring that.
Yes, it has. Growing up, success meant fame, money and glory. I’ve learnt that you can have all of that and not feel successful within which defeats the purpose of it all.

I Am Driven By | My daughter. My faith. My family.
I want to give everything and die with nothing left to contribute. I will take none of my dreams or talents to my grave.

The Difference Between Good And Great | The love and passion. The combination of talent and hard work breeds great work.

Principles I Live By | Do unto others as you’d like others to do unto you. It’s hard but it’s important and even I am still working on that.
Also, making sure I don’t have any feelings of envy or jealousy.  God’s gifts for you will always find their way to you, if they don’t, then they weren’t meant for you- and God will never give His gifts for you to someone else. Celebrate someone else’s gifts and success. That means you are aware of your own.

Critical Skills I Develop | Practice. Practice. Practice.
I do not consider myself to be successful just yet. I’m still at the early stages of my journey.
Make yourself available and work hard. You are always learning. Talent alone won’t work.

How I Use My Mind | You’ve got to sometimes silence your mind of doubts and fears. Focus on the positive and see the negatives as opportunities to be a better person.
Train your mind. Practice positive thoughts. Every negative thing is another opportunity to learn and practice turning negative things into positives, opportunities to learn and be a greater human being.
What you think, you are. Our minds are very powerful tools of empowerment or destruction depending on how we choose to direct our thoughts. Recognize and use that.
Your mind is what breeds the habits you have, and when you analyse and find negatives about yourself, find ways to change…. Don’t accept or ignore.

Lessons I Have Learnt | You never know what will happen. Just try to be positive.
Also that we are all equals. From the top to the bottom, all people deserve respect you never know what they’ll be the next time you see them and you don’t know what kind of impact they’ll have on you. Respect everyone. You’re not perfect, but try again.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | My mentor, Basetsana Kumalo, taught me that no one has ever arrived. The moment you believe you are “it” is the moment you stagnate and regress.
You are always a work in progress.

Advice On Building Wealth | Don’t try to grow rich or build wealth.
Live life for the more valuable reasons. Being rich and wealthy should be a result of your work and passions.

On Inspiring Others | Show gratitude and try not to let them down.  People don’t recall what you did or said they remember how you made them feel. I try to spread good vibes.


I Am Inspired By | Jesus. Meryl Streep. Basetsana Kumalo.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | That I gave my all and inspired other to do the same.

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