Ntsoaki Phali

In 2009 Ntsoaki Phali decided to become the change she wanted to see — and so began Beyond Ability Talent Solutions, a self-sustaining recruitment agency for the physically disabled. As a former human resources co-ordinator, Phali struggled to meet her employment equity target when recruiting employees with disabilities. She knew it wasn’t for want of qualified candidates but rather because of a lack of platforms. Today, the business has 1 800 people on its books and has won numerous awards. It also transports persons with disabilities to client sites and job interviews.
“Employment equity is here to stay, but the biggest challenge is to make sure people with disabilities have the skills they need to secure permanent positions,” says Phali, whose medium-term goal is to establish a skills empowerment centre. Although it’s challenging, she describes the business as a labour of love. “Every day I get closer to understanding why I’m here on Earth.”

My Definition Of Success | If I’ve set a particular goal for myself and I’ve accomplished the goal satisfactorily  that for me defines  MY success and MY success may not necessarily augur well with someone but my fulfillment is my success. Furthermore fulfilling and completing your God destined assignment before your passing away is success.

My definition of success has really changed so much over the years in my early years previously success meant a good life for me and those closest to me but today my definition of success talks to “Have I created a good life for me, those closest to me and everyone that I have the capacity to reach out to and create a good life for them” Now It’s no longer about me only..

I Am Driven By | I see myself as an investor in people, a people connector, I’m a believer in people’s vision’s, a believer in people’s abilities and talents, a believer in those who believe they have something to share of themselves with the world, and whenever I come across such individuals I find it somewhere in me to somehow contribute to their vision it could be through sharing a contact, a website link, leadership, or a nugget or two.

My Highlights | The day I took the decision to take a leap of faith and start my social enterprise was a highlight in my career…I still don’t understand where I took the boldness from, and that is to move from a comfortable salary to no salary for a while and still be just as enthusiastic about the vision. This was during a very adverse season in my life, going through chaotic personal situations and anyone in their right mind would have fought for some stability in their career during such a period and instead the burning desire in me wouldn’t let me to have none of it. I always knew that there was an adventurer or risk taker somewhere in me but not this much.
The Difference Between Good And Great | The difference between the two is the love and passion for their trade, it oozes voluntarily on great men whilst inspiring others to be better in their own trade.

A Key Talent | I have realized that I am a resourceful person since in any environment those around me would refer to me for assistance in information on any subject but this strength wasn’t gained overnight and it was gained through my love for reading and opening myself up to our dynamism and diversity as a society. I have never limited myself to any one subject or genre or sort of information and this has also enabled me to cope in any situation or circumstance. There’s certain experience and information that you cannot learn in a textbook but through the school of life and throughout my entire life, I allowed my spirit to be teachable through the school of life thus developing my resourcefulness.

The Characteristics Of Success | Self Denial and TRUE dedication to the cause. When the going got tough for me self denial reminded me that it’s not about me but those I promised to serve. On the other hand dedication has kept the dream alive and kept me alive and has kept the belief of those supporting the vision alive. When people see you dedicated to your cause they have no choice but to support you.

Principles I Live By | There are too many principles to live by but I believe the overarching principle for me is that of LOVE, when all is done in the name of love all else is non grata. When you love yourself you wouldn’t expose yourself to unbecoming acts towards you, when you love your country you would serve your country and people diligently corrupt free, when you love your community it’ll be easy for you to serve meticulously, when you love your family you will play your familial responsibility voluntarily, so it all stems from LOVE so love as a principle is an energy it’s a magnifying force.

The Meaning Of Life | Take a mealie seed, it may not understand its reason for being but in the end it is here to give life and nourish us, that there is the meaning of life to be life giving beings according to our earthly assignment. We have an individual responsibility to continually find it in us as to how can we give life to others.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | I recently received this advice from Dr Myles Munroe quoted indirectly -Plan to die empty, Die empty because you gave your all to mankind” Don’t go to your grave rich, rob your grave and pour out yourself to mankind and die empty.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | Treasures are in the form of talent are buried in each us and hopefully with each and every person I come across I would stimulate them to have a strong sense of belief in self talents and exploring them..Imagine an apple tree not believing that it’s an apple tree, and not behaving like an apple tree.

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