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Nomndeni Mdakhi is a born entrepreneur. She founded Edits Communications in 2011. At Edits Communications we believe the best way to build and maintain the brands perception and ideology is through a seamless integration in the execution of the following: Branding, Design, PR and Eventing.

Nomndeni-Mdakhi_P1My Definition Of Success | Success is about making decisions every day that bring you closer to the dream, the bigger vision of who you want to become, being an active participant in this journey is success, small milestones, achievements, that is what it is all about. You never know when your day will come but if it finds me in this journey to the ultimate vision of me. I would have lived an amazing life.

Has your definition of it changed?
Definitely, I think at the beginning it is all about the things other people can see, the money you can accumulate, the things you can afford but as you mature, your definition of success becomes more personal.

I Am Driven By | Gees, the other I had a light bulb moment. I posted the following thought.  “The realms of human potential excite. For me the best way to give praise to God is to show what He can make possible for humankind by reaching your true potential.” The mission for me to be the best that I can be is what drives me.   

My Highlights | Personally: It was getting to a point where I was managing my role as a mother, business person and wife better. The balance is hard but necessary.
Professionally: I give personal branding talks to girls every two months at a school I own with DJ Zinhle and I always say to them. As your set out on your journey you need to write down what you want people to say when they are talking about you and then shape your behavior and attitude to attain that. So, every time I hear someone say all the things I wrote on that initial list about my business and myself as a professional, I get goose bumps.

The Difference Between Good And Great | The harder you work the greater you become. Will Smith once said in an interview “…you could be smartest, prettiest, most talented person in the room but know this, I will always outwork you and that is how I succeed.

A Key Talent | I think I have an ability to think very systematically, There has to be a beginning and an end to any attempt. I have found that not a lot of people can take an idea and make it leave. A lot of people have found this a valuable skill in all my partnerships. I am amazing at creating mind maps, operational solutions and that is my magic. It might an idea for you but I can craft the path.

  • Books are an amazing tool for growth; they give you an opportunity to be in the room with someone you could have never met.
  • Choosing your company… you have no idea how powerful the conversations you are having right now are to who you become.

The Characteristics Of Success |

  • I always do more than what I am required to at any given point.
  • I meditate; I try spending a lot of time with my thoughts
  • Reading a lot

Principles I Live By |

  • Always give your best in any situation
  • Always have a positive outlook in life
  • Laugh a lot


Critical Skills I Develop | Communication. It’s very important in this field of work and life generally. So many things can go wrong because someone assumed one thing meant another. I have learnt to be bold enough to always find out what my employees and clients are thinking at all times.

How I Use My Mind | I pay attention to my thoughts and I’m always aware of what weaknesses I possess at any given time and am constantly working on improving.

Lessons I Have Learnt | We are sometimes not aware of how many people are watching what we do, I have learned that when you do your best people pay attention, you need to know who your “to go to people are” when you need things done or in a crisis, understand your relationships. It has also been very important to know how to resolve conflicts.

Dealing With Doubt | I don’t hang around negative people, it is a rule and I keep my eyes on the prize.
When I stared the agency I was always working at coffee shops and hotel lobbies. I then decided to get office space as I always had the intention to grow and hire.  Three months into my contract I woke up with a panic attack thinking “what did I get myself into”.  A good friend told me I had two options, I either move out and back to the hotel lobby or I work hard enough to make rent money, my salary, my employees’ salaries and keep rising, Two years later, I am in a bigger office with two employees and a growing business.

Performing At My Peak | I always feel like I could be working harder, and I always try to find space for me to do more work.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | Books and I value conversations with people.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I would love to write a book, I have encountered life changing moments with extraordinary people and that has planted a seed of thought that anyone who’s able to build themselves to greater heights should share their amazing lifetime experiences through different mediums to inspire.

The Meaning Of Life | For me life is about amazing moments, the ability to move lifetime experience from one level to another, I love recreating amazing moments for ones closest to my heart.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | There is so much advise about different things but I think the most valuable was Oskido’s  when he said  “..Success is not determined by the amount of money you have, but the number of lives you changed…”. I later reached that point in life where I understood the statement, and I started to notice the effect of changing other people’s lives it changed mine as I received more.

Advice On Building Wealth | Firstly there’s nothing wrong with it and they shouldn’t feel guilty, however, always aim for balance in all your endeavours.

On Inspiring Others | Power of attraction. I always seem to meet people who have the same values as me and we build each other.

I Am Inspired By | Steve Jobs for believing in the impossible. Adrian Gore, a man who built a business based on a longing to change people’s lives. Oskido, for giving me a chance and choosing the unconventional route of business.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I want, when people look at my life, for them to believe that everything is possible, to believe there’s more than one way to achieve success. If your mind can conceive it, it can become.

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