Nigel Saval | Founder of The 9 Miles Project & Youth Mentor

Nigel Saval

Nigel Saval was motivated by his love for surfing and the pivotal role that this sport played in his life, he started the 9 Miles Project in 2013 with the vision of improving the community. The project works with the youth of Strandfontein, Bayview, San Remo and surrounding informal settlements in the Western Cape and aims to provide mentorship and support through surfing to individuals susceptible to drug abuse and criminal activity. While growing up, surfing provided Nigel with discipline, focus and commitment and played a positive role in his development. These are the valuable life lessons that Nigel seeks to give back to the youth he works with through the project. His mission is to allow them to reach their full potential, activate their calling and send them forth as leaders into society. Nigel has dedicated his full commitment to the 9 Miles Project, recently giving up his full-time job to devote himself to the youth he works with. By providing surfing lessons and acting as a mentor and positive male figure in the youth’s lives, Nigel is living and breathing the ethos of his organization: “Going the Distance”.

I Am Driven By | Seeing people discover their potential and living out their full purpose in life.

A Key Talent | Believing that I’m perfect for my purpose and that I have been created for a specific task and assignment to bring about change. For a person to discover their purpose, they need to first take note of what they love, what inspires them, what drives them, what brings the greatest joy in the midst of any circumstance and situation. All of this is called passion and once passion is ignited, purpose is discovered and will be their internal compass directing their lives in fullness.

Principles I Live By | The five core values and principles that shape and direct my life which I live by are: Integrity, Excellence, Humility, Respect and Honour.


How I Use My Mind | Having a vision for your life gives you energy and passion. A healthy mindset assists in seeing the end goal, knowing that wherever you at and whatever you doing, it’s temporarily and not permanent. Knowing that you will come into the fullness of time and live out your vision. It’s a hope within you that never allows you to fall into despair but that encourages you to move on and move forward therefore always overcoming any psychological barriers or limited mindset levels.

Nigel-Saval-3Lessons I Have Learnt | My biggest lesson learnt in my life, is that we cannot live for ourselves but that our very existence and nature is to give and touch as many lives on our journey called life. Knowing that this will only satisfy our hearts and give us peace.

Performing At My Peak | When you know that you are perfect for your purpose, peak performance is never the issue but acceleration is because in your pursuit of purpose, you never have fuel shortage only how fast you willing to go.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Wisdom comes in two forms, it comes through life experiences and it comes through mentorship.  The best options is to choose mentorship so that you don’t have to endure the hardship of life experiences but rather accelerate and grow through receiving the wisdom and guidance of others.


The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | To transform communities and see individuals reach their full potential, activate their calling and send them forth as leaders into society.

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