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Nick Christelis

Nick Christelis is the dynamic and knowledgeable Managing Partner of Nick Christelis & Associates, a consultancy that has specialized in Aligning Strategy, People and Performance since 1980. As a performance management consultant he has an internationally acclaimed reputation as a facilitator, speaker, trainer, coach and business strategist. Nick is affiliated with the American Management Association, The International Society for Training & Development and the American Society for Training & Development, having presented numerous papers at local and international conferences, including the MIT Enterprise Forum in Cambridge, Boston. He has lectured on the Joint Management Development Programme, sponsored by big business in South Africa and the HEC School of Business in Paris. Nick is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of S.A. He has also advised the State President’s Tourism Council on training and development within the hospitality industry in South Africa.

Nick ChristelisMy Definition Of Success | First and foremost true sustainable success can only come after you answer the question, “Why am I here?” Are you here on earth for something to do? Or are you here to do something? And if you’re here to do something, then what is that something? This is where your passion lies and it is your passion which provides the fuel you need to get you through the tough times. And tough times there will be. Success to me used to mean making money. I started and sold two successful businesses, and certainly created wealth in the process. After I sold the businesses I accidentally got into consulting, where I found my passion. The difference? Sure in business I made money, but I was sick all the the time. Since I started consulting 30 years ago I have only missed one days work from being sick. I found my passion. To be a source of inspiration and a catalyst for growth. And guess what, I still make money.

I Am Driven By | I am driven by my passion, growing myself and growing others.


The Difference Between Good And Great | People who are great what they do identify their strengths and use these to achieve their goals. They are very aware of their weaknesses but do not try and overcome them. This is extremely difficult. Instead they manage them so that they don’t interfere with progress towards their goals. The only time one needs to overcome a weakness is if it’s a fatal flaw that is going to bring you down

Nick Christelis 2A Key Talent | The single most important thing is personal accountability. This means accepting that no matter what happens to you in life, you can choose your reaction. It is not circumstances or life events that will determine your success but how you choose to react to them. We land up in life according to the choices we make. So if we look in the mirror and reflect on the state of our lives, what you see in the mirror has nothing to do with circumstances and is totally the result of the choices we made when those things happened. To stay accountable, instead of complaining about things, ask yourself questions like

  • What can I do about this?
  • What else can I try?
  • What is this testing in me?
  • What does this need me to learn?


Principles I Live By | There are two fundamental principals that I live by: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me, and you cannot do it without the support of other people, and, you’re not entitled to it, you have to earn it.”

Nick Christelis 1Lessons I Have Learnt | Sustainable success is not a cramming process. Its more like farming. It takes time and patience, all the while disciplining yourself to do whatever needs to be done. Time and patience are always working for you. Use them.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | I read for two hours per day and keep myself motivated by tweeting relevant motivational and leadership content on a daily basis. This hopefully inspires my followers and more importantly, keeps my mind focused and my emotions positive




Advice On Building Wealth | Just as in business, individuals need a wealth building strategy which you must stick to, wealth is created by farming, not cramming. Most people are in too much of a hurry. Research shows that most wealth is greeted through the power of compound interest. Some tips however:

  • Pay yourself first. Which means saving and investing a regular amount every month.
  • Reduce and manage your debt. Try to borrow money to finance appreciating items like property or education
  • Decrease borrowings on depreciating items such as personal possessions.
  • Have a plan and stick to it.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I have been consulting on strategy and Leadership for 30 years and have just published a book which relics all of my learning’s over this time. Its called, “The Art of the Arrow”; How Leaders Fly, It is my legacy.

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