Neil du Preez

Mellowcabs is Neil’s second start-up, his first being a kid’s stroller, the Riksha. He credits his wife, new-born twins, and six-year old son, as the inspiration for what he does. He enjoys mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding and fishing with his son. Growing up in South Africa with limited access to public transport, Neil has always had an interest in public transport systems. After living abroad for a few years he started seeing transit systems in a new light. Mellowcabs manufactures and operates electric mini-cabs that provide convenient, low-cost and eco-friendly taxi and transport services in cities. The services are provided through a mobile app which connects commuters and cabs.

Neil-du-Preez_P3I Am Driven By | Fear…fear of not being the person I feel I can be, and not being able to provide for my family.

My Highlights | Well, my life has turned out to be very cool, I have a lovely wife and three sons, I live in a picturesque village in the Cape Winelands and I’ve overcome a serious back injury and completed the grueling 7 day Cape Pioneer mountain bike race.

The Difference Between Good And Great | I think for true greatness you’ll need an abundance and balance of ability, creativity and discipline.

A Key Talent | Good question…I think I’m quite good at predicting trends, and seeing opportunities where others only see challenges. Plus I believe that systems can always be improved / hacked.


The Characteristics Of Success | I have quite a lot to say about practical things in life and business, especially around productivity. Everyone on earth has 24 hours in a day, from Einstein to Branson to Nobel. Spend your time wisely, preferably with family. Stop wasting time on TV and video games. You will be super busy as an entrepreneur.

Neil-du-Preez_P2Principles I Live By | Be positive to people around you, to your competition, and towards yourself. Negativity leads to bad stuff happening to you. Do things ethically, and honour your family.

Lessons I Have Learnt | One of the more recent ones was to stay away from partnerships. It does not work, decisions become complicated, and opinions will clash. Partners lead to unknown misery, and alcohol abuse.

Dealing With Doubt | Doubt is a part of everyday life in a startup, there’s just no way to get away from it until massive amounts of money flows into your account. I guess a balance of faith, blind determination and encouragement by my wife.

Performing At My Peak | I mountain bike, or try to…


Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | If you don’t know something, ask someone to help or for advice. Most people will gladly help. Use local knowledge especially Universities. The internet has the info, and believe it or not, good old libraries.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I want to create positive change around me, and drive a classic Corvette

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Focus on your strengths and do what you do very well.
Get someone to help you with what you don’t do well. (After you give it a shot yourself)

Neil-du-Preez_P1Advice On Building Wealth | Have patience Real, sustainable success takes time to build. It’s a long steady journey. Slower, natural growth where there is less room for mistakes.
Expect setbacks, Things will go wrong.
People will not understand you or your product.
Some people might be idiots to you.
Frustration is part of the game.
You will battle to find money.
Often, the tickets to success are disguised as setbacks.
O, and make to-do lists…constantly!

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