Ndaba Ntsele

Ndaba Ntsele is the CEO, director and co-founder of Pamodzi Investment Holdings and the president of the Black Business Council. He is also chairman of FoodCorp. Limited and Indwe Risk Services, and was formerly executive director of Nike SA. Ndaba won Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for South Africa in 2007.

Ndaba Nstele 2Starting A Business | If you see there is a lion coming and you can kill it, you try, but if you miss it it kills you.  Then you are history.  Because big size business, medium size businesses it becomes sustainable.  If you go for small businesses you must try and get a lot of them and move fast up the ladder because the problem in Africa as a continent is there are a lot of entrepreneurs, but they don’t grow.  They remain where they are, so I encourage growth and make an example about what I am telling you.

The Importance of Partnering | I’ve never been alone in my business.  I can talk about “I” did this, but it’s “we.” From day one, with three now with a lot of partners… when you ask for loan they will give you very, very small money and look at your balance sheet.  But if it’s four or five of you, coming with a big plan, they will look into the plan. Because if you die, the bank is still going to get money from the four remaining partners. That’s the real world.

The Value of Hard Work | People must not fear any challenges in life.  Knowing that they must also take action is hard work. If you don’t work hard you will not achieve anything. And also when you are working, the work ethic must be very, very strong. If you do something that is mediocre you get mediocre results. If you get something and you do the best, if you train you must train to be number one.  If you create wealth you must create wealth to be number one.  And of course the growth are spread. Whatever you do or you start as a person you must have a forward plan. And in the forward plan it must be intertwined with growth.

My Dreams and Ambitions | I always wanted a life that is exciting.

Ndaba Ntsele 3Climbing Mountains | I don’t look at mountains that are insurmountable. I look at how I’m going to climb the mountain. And I look at relationships, because as human beings you can do a lot more if you network with other people.

Principles I Live By | Don’t believe in things that will affect your mind negatively.

What Drives Me | It moves your adrenaline to keep on going higher and higher and higher.

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