Max Guerdy

A go-getter from a young age, after importing exotic flowers to France, Max left Paris and opened 2 restaurants in small South African towns before the age of 21. He then decided to settle in Cape Town, an inspiringly beautiful, creative and ambitious city. Max first worked in photography – as a stock photographer and producer – then started his Web and Photo agency in 2005, through which he still currently works with prestigious clients throughout the world.
His online expertise lie in creating websites that convert well, then implementing Content Marketing strategies to drive traffic. Max strives to constantly simplify user-experiences while growing emotional connections in order to boost sales. In 2008 he was about to launch his own stock marketplace and realized there was no easy way to protect his pictures from copyright infringements. This was a persistent problem so he got a team together and founded Myows, conscious of the true need for the whole of the creative world to easily protect their original works.

Max-Guerdy-1-v2My Definition of Success | My definition of success has evolved over the years. While it used to be purely about money, in recent years I’ve realized that true success is having a great work/life balance.Nowadays, I thrive to spend more time with my son and traveling, and that is more important than any financial reward. I also think that being successful means being in a position to help others, as you can have all the money in the world, but if you are not doing something for the less fortunate, that money, and your life is ultimately worthless.

I Am Driven By | I’m driven by the realization that we only have one life and have a duty to make it count. I need to give it my all. t would be a waste otherwise.

My Highlights | I take great pride in my son. He’s currently 6 and being able to teach him what I know about life is a great privilege. I’m also proud of having turned my lifestyle around in terms of fitness and dropping over 30kg : I feel so much better now that I exercise.Professionally, I am really proud each time my startup wins an award or gets a recommendation, either from international magazines or from freelancers on their blogs.

Max-Guerdy-2-v2The Difference Between Good and Great |I think it boils down to passion. You can learn a lot of skills, but you can’t be great at anything if you lack passion.

A Key Talent | I think it is crucial to never give up. Whatever your plan is, know that things rarely go accordingly and being successful entails persevering through adversity. If you have faith in your vision, nothing or nobody should detract you from accomplishing it. I often refer to Napoleon Hill’s story of the man who gave up digging only three feet away from striking Gold. You don’t want to be that guy!

Principles I Live By | I really believe in respect and ethics, in business or at home. You have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror after concluding a deal.

How I Use My Mind | I believe in visualization, so I spend a lot of time on new projects trying to get the outcome pictured in my head. Then it’s a matter of visualizing the steps that will help me get there.I also strongly remind myself that if someone else can do it, then so can I!

Lessons I Have Learnt |  
– If you’re too busy, then slow down.
– There are more important things in life than money.
– Keeping fit is essential to a successful life.
– Honor those around you, and show gratefulness.
– Don’t rely on anyone but yourself to make YOUR dream happen.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | For motivation I really enjoyed “THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napoleon Hill – it is full of timeless wisdom. Otherwise I spend a lot of time reading blogs across many different industries (from startups to psychology or architecture), and I can easily get lost for hours reading interesting answers to questions posted on For inspiration, I take long walks by the ocean and try to go on road trips as often as I can. Nature never fails to inspire.

Max-Guerdy-3-v2My Future Dreams and Ambitions | My ultimate dream is to make my mark on the world by helping a large number of people. I would also like to write a play or a book that will outlive me and if possible trigger a little more humanity in people’s hearts.

The Meaning of Life | Doing good around you.

I am Inspired By | I’m very inspired by Elon Musk’s grand-scale ideas. I would love to see the end of gas-stations in my lifetime, and for everyone to be driving electric cars.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | If my son can be proud of me, that would be enough

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