Matthew Waldman

Matthew Waldman is a New York based artist and designer most prominently known for creating NOOKA Inc. a lab dedicated to exploring universal communication via form, language and fashion.

Matthew-Waldman-1My Definition Of Success | I have a fairly traditional view of success, one based on esteem and stature in one’s field or based on one’s work being validated financially. In this sense, and in the context of living in NYC, my success is elusive.

I Am Driven By | The promise of a more utopian world, one without geopolitical borders, without racism and hate is the goal that drives me to do all that i do.


My Highlights | Seeing former students and people I have mentored go on to do great things or work for great organizations and companies is incredibly fulfilling and validating. Having my work in the greenwich museum collection as well as the japanese industrial design association permanent collection were both high points to me.

The Difference Between good And Great | People who are good at what they do produce work that meets expectations. People who are great at what they do exceeds expectations or create new experiences and reactions.

A Key Talent | PERSEVERANCE and PASSION! You must believe in what you are doing enough to be your own advocate, to motivate yourself and to quite simply, get things done no matter what the obstacle or delay. This is not to say one should be insane to the point of obsession, but seeing a detour as a new road to learn more will help in growth while pursuing a dream.

Matthew-Waldman-2 copyPrinciples I Live By | learn from everyone and everything. You must respect everyone you meet and be open to learning from them. You can learn a lot from bad people – One learns how not to behave for example. So try everything, eat new foods, listen to strange experimental music, go to art shows, do not dismiss people and experiences – learn from everything and you’ll never be bored.

Dealing With Doubt | If you don’t have self doubt, how can you improve?


Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | I recommend reading these 3 books:
1. Outliers, stories of success by malcolm gladwell.
2. Hyperspace by michio kaku.
3. Teach us to overcome our madness by kenzaburo oe.

Matthew-Waldman-3My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I would like to have the resources to work on a synthetic world language to accomplish what esperanto failed to do, unify the planet in a productive monoculture that cooperates for the health and advancement of the planet. Of course, I tell this story and share this message subliminally via my design projects, and there are many of those yet to be realized/produced.

The Meaning Of Life | The meaning of life is to appreciate and strive for oneness with the universe. This should translate to a respect for everything animate and inanimate, to view everything with intelligence.


The Best Advice I’ve Received | Many years ago when i was in my late 20s, i was given this advice from my friend michael: “misery is easy, happiness is hard work” this is a very buddhist concept often misinterpreted but it has an immense practical application. You see, if one wakes up in a bad mood, that mood will remain all on its own. in order to return to a happy state, one must actually decide to do things that make you happy – it requires some work, like reminding yourself that bicycle riding makes you happy and then going out for a ride. So if one takes adult responsibility for their life, they must also take responsibility to create one’s happiness. This advice has helped me out of more depressions than any psychologist i’ve seen!

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