In her TED x Berlin talk, Mallence shared a truth that not only deeply resonated with people across the globe, but many felt compelled to share. Her TED x was independently translated into more than 5 languages and became a social media phenomena that was shared over 20 million times via various social media platforms, raising global awareness via a sensational grass -roots movement.

Today Mallence’s TED Talk has become an integral part of academic curricula of universities and high schools in African, Europe, Asian and the Americas as a timeless piece of essential truth that will be recognized by generations to come, when analyzing the global economic imbalances of our present times.

Mallence Bart-Williams is a Sierra Leonean – German multi-facetted social entrepreneur: Publishing, film, fashion, Ayurveda, writing and philanthropy are among her professional repertoire.

Mallence pursued her studies in economics and finance in Paris, Singapore and Great Britain. Today she lives across the globe, produces a holistic natural body care line in Asia, and is the founder and creative director of the Freetown-based creative collective FOLORUNSHO, a ‘SHARITY’ that she initiated with street kids in Sierra Leone.

What does success mean to you? | Success means fulfillment and happiness, in the literal sense it means being GREAT & FULL. Pursuing my dreams and your mission full fills me on a greater scope. That defines my success. Over the years I have come to understand that success is an inner state and external reflections are merely expressions of an internal abundance.

What drives you? | My passion is my mission to create harmony on earth by instilling balance wherever I perceive injustice.

Where do you think your ‘MAGIC’ comes from? | Magic comes from the stars, the very stars we embody and are made of, the very stars we originate from, the very stars that from our souls and the dust of our bodies. Infusing the unseen with enough light for it to become seen and materialize is the nature of star magic.

What is your LIFE-MISSION in one sentence? | It is my life’s mission to instate the order of MAAT on earth.

What do you think is often the difference between people who are good at what they do and people who are great at what they do? | Passion infuses vision while practice infuses technique. The latter creates something good, yet there is no greatness without passion and vision.

What has been your biggest failure / learning experience? |My biggest failure would be to consider something a failure. I consider everything a lesson, that has been highly valuable and ultimately contributed to my success in one way or the other. A failure is merely a perspective and I simply don’t look at experiences in that light.


What is one talent or strength of yours, which has been critical to your success? | Vision and following through with the realization of what my mind’s eye perceives.

What do you believe are the characteristics, actions, habits and behaviors that you both have and use, that have helped you achieve what you have been able to achieve? | Taking at the first step and then the next, while having vision, passion and no business plan that may be rigid and kill it.

When you get / got STUCK, what caused it and how did you get going again? | When I get stuck I recognize that it is not the right timing for things to come to fruition. Knowing that everything is happening for me, is crucial to understand that no process must be cut short or interrupted prematurely for the sake of timelines, deadlines, impatience, expectations. A baby takes 9 months, while a human takes decades to come into being. Great ideas that change the world may be born in one night but implementation will always take time.

What are the principles and values that you believe are important to live by? | Integrity and authenticity. Gold loses lästre when you dilute it, in the same capacity our soul loses light when we compromise our integrity or authenticity. To shine in full capacity we must remain true to who we are in essence.

What are the critical skills that you have used and worked on improving, in attaining your success? | Harmony, relaxation and stillness. 24/7 Self care & self love 365 days/year.

What is your biggest weakness? | Going out of my way to help others. It is easy to get lost in stories that aren’t mine to write.

On a psychological or mind-set level, how do you use your mind and how do you think in a specific way to help you achieve your goals and realize your ambitions? | My mind is not only the projector that beams the movie onto the canvas I call world, my mind is also the creative director of my narrative, my script, my reality.

What are the most important lessons you have learnt so far, in your career or life journey? | This could be anything from very simple small lessons to much larger bigger lessons.

We may think that life is too short to do it all. But knowing that we have done this a billion times before and that life is infinite and we can always come back to finish the job, gives me peace of mind.

How do you deal with self-doubt, fear or negativity? |  Can you share a time in which you either doubted yourself the most or had great fears, yet faced up to them and conquered them?

When the ‘formula’ is unfamiliar, doubt is naturally a ‘variable in the equation’. However vision and intuition must always be greater that any hunch of doubt that may be the voice of reason at times.

What do you want to achieve next and what’s in the way? | I want to become a mother.

How do you ensure you are always feeling energized and performing at your peak? | I work when I feel excited to do so and sleep when I am tired.

What resources (people, books, environments, movies, music etc) do you use to keep yourself inspired, informed and growing? | God/Source

As a high performer have you ever had to struggle with happiness and contentment? | I am my souls servant and it my job to cater to the desires of my soul. The times in my life where I have not made my souls desires my utmost priority and instead limited myself, were times where my happiness and contentment were compromised. It takes courage and confidence to live life unapologetically on my own terms, but it assures that I am in a state of happiness most of the time.

What is the best advice you have ever received? | Do the only the things you are passionate about.

What’s one deeply honest thing that most people don’t know about you? | I feel complete when I am with my horses.

Who inspires you and who are your role-models? | My horses, Aset, Heru/ Christ.

Would you consider yourself a happy person? | Extremely. If so, how do you cultivate your daily happiness? I limit my interaction with people, places, food, weather, substances,  etc pp. that are not on the same frequency, spend a lot of time with myself, spend most of my time creating, I don’t do anything that I don’t truly enjoy doing.

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