Luyanda Jafta

Luyanda Jafta is the founder of Paybook SA, a digital agency that offers market research, market interaction and a social media distribution platform for businesses, brands and government agencies. Their flagship product ‘Paybook Evo’ compensates subscribers for use of status updates to present adverts from their advertiser clients – essentially educating consumers on things they didn’t necessarily know about a brand, and then paying them to share it. As their 3-second pitch goes: “Watch adverts, answer questions, share and earn!”.

Luyanda-Jafta-2My Definition Of Success | Success for me is improvement of 1000 000 lives in some way or another. It used to be about material possessions but as I grew more secure in myself, these outward expressions of success started looking like a symbol of insecurity.

I Am Driven By | A billion Africans that have inefficient solutions or methods in their lives. Seeing this continent become the most powerful continent there is and alleviating poverty and social injustice drives me.

My Highlights | At the beginning of September we hit break even and we hit 20 000 subscribers. The idea that so many people are earning extra income through our platform is an exciting milestone. In my personal life it is finding peace (truth) that has shown what matters and what doesn’t

The Difference Between good And Great | There is the proverbial look in people who will succeed and those who are great. It is a will that just won’t say die and a hunger to make it happen. I know a lot of talented people who are being outdone by hard workers.

A Key Talent | Tenacity. Without a doubt, the will to never say die is everything



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