Lena Ski | Exec Producer, Evolutionary Entrepreneur, Coach and Founder, The Global Movement Summit

Driven by purpose, fueled with curiosity, and actualized with a glimmer of moonshot thinking, this Nova leads powerful conversations, intuitive councils, and pioneering round-table think-tanks that refines the way business, leadership, branding, consciousness and purpose fuse together in order to create thriving markets.
In fact, it’s her very own global movement to create a purpose-driven-ecosystem designed to help entrepreneurs thrive that has her taking charge on leading towards magnetic marketing, authentic branding, exponential business design and evolutionary entrepreneurship.
She’s an Executive Producer, Coach, Evolutionary Entrepreneur and real life SuperNova who used to carry a media pass prefers to play with Purpose. As the Creatrix of The Global Movement Summit: An Intuitive Incubator + Online Platform + Conscious Branding Ecosystem she’s shaping a wholistic system designed to help Purpose Centred Entrepreneurs unlock their next level purpose, live their brand, make the change, and lead their business.

My Definition Of Success | I’ll admit. I never had the traditional definition of success pulsating under my skin. And I guess you could say it’s gotten me into trouble. Success isn’t a one-time definition. It’s something I evaluate on an on-going basis. My current definition is “A state of grace where I can make smart, bold, purposeful and in-powered choices that allow me to thrive in all aspects of my life while encompassing values such a being unapologetically authentic, the potential for growth and self-respect”


I Am Driven By | That’s easy Purpose. For the spiritualists/ conscious ones amongst us – I’ve come into this world with a very set, determined, soul plan and I’ve pretty much grown into it. I guess I still am. True Growth and Purpose really fuels my flow.

The Difference Between good And Great | Great question! There are a couple answers to this question. The first is conditioning. We are taught to be good. And that extends to being a jack of all trades. A well rounded person. Our current schooling system is designed to make us competent. That’s how you succeed in that world. However it’s not what makes you win in the real world. Secondly, people don’t know what their genius is. We can easily buy into the belief that Talent is only awarded to the precious few souls out there who win the DNA lottery. Or, we never make the time to go on the path of discovering how valuable we actually are. Thirdly, we might get a glimmer of it but our limiting beliefs tell us a very different story. In a bid to protect ourselves from getting hurt or failing – we play smaller rather than bolder. It’s not a matter of hard work. Our greatness is so much more than that. And that’s one of my favourite things to ignite with my clients. The things that make us great!

A Key Talent | I would have to say my Intuitive Superpower. Not only has it shaped my work (there’s a book on the horizon) but it’s actually shaped my business. And it’s helped me navigate a couple more potentially tricky situations (or make the best out of some really bad moves). First off, I want to make the distinction between instinct and intuition.

Instinct is a gut-like move to simply survive. It’s profound and powerful and it can get you into a lot of trouble too. Our instinct might be to press the snooze button, or delay gratification, or to protect ourselves from the unknown (which could also include any growth, new situations, change, and the ability to meet your dream). Intuition is deeper than that. And it has a higher good and higher purpose embedded into it. It might not always feel as comforting, and yet it does you the ultimate world of good.

  1. Know Yourself.
    1. Who know you are, who you have been, and were you’d like to be.
    2. Know what’s distinctly yours, and what you’ve taken on from other people.
    3. Choose to be in your own state of Power.
    4. Honour yourself.
  2. Know what you’re up for.
    1. Notice where you are being invited to play.
    2. Notice that’s being asked of you.
    3. Notice how you like to add value to your world (and the world of those around you)
  3. Listen out for invitations.
    1. We often ask for things but when it comes in different wrapping, we ignore it.
    2. Stay open and respect your boundaries.
    3. Meet the moment. Every single time. It’s just a moment after all.
  4. Stay curious.
    1. Choose to be in wonder, innocence, and curiosity.
    2. Live authentically.
    3. And Engage.
  5. Follow your highest purpose – or what I like to call your “Next Level Purpose”.

Principles I Live By | 

Apart from authenticity and purpose, the other rising principles are boldness and integrity. Both have fascinated me and set my world on fire. And they’re forever asking me to take the next step into the edge. I believe we grow from our edges and live from our core. And this mantra fuels my curiosity, sense of wonder, asks me to be in a space of wholehearted true growth and reminds me how much I value collaboration.

Lessons I Have Learnt | There’s a handful of SuperNova Pillars that have shaped my world. The biggest being: “It starts with a bang” – Moving from our comfort zone and into our impact zone requires being radical. And not all bangs have to be traumatic. We have so much resistance around being daring. Not jumping out of planes / superhuman daring. I’m talking about daring to be human. Asking for the things you want in this world. Having the courage to step up when every part of you is telling you to run. Being vulnerable and the courage that takes. And not giving up on yourself. I’m currently going through a transformation in my business right now, and I know how deeply scary and uncertain it can be to move closer into the life I know I’m here to live – and play at the level I’m supposed to be playing at (at this part of my life). Making that bang and claiming space is scary. And yet every time, I was that radical enough to stand for myself and what I’m being asked to create – the world opened up. (Though sometimes that can feel like the world is falling apart). If we don’t have the audacity to fully come alive and be who we are here to be (and as an Entrepreneur this mindset is critical) then we will always settle for good. Or ok. Or not so bad. Or just getting by. Or worse – fighting for our lives / dreams / goals / and best intentions.

Dealing With Doubt | Let’s be honest, if we make room for it – there can be fear in every moment. Yet, most of us know better than that. Even though we still find ourselves facing imaginary dragons. This morning I woke from a nightmare that would not let me go. The content isn’t important. Feeling so powerless and helpless was. I could have chosen that to be my day, my week, my month, my year … and yet I didn’t. 2 critical things happened. I asked myself what would happen if I let the nightmare go. And I went back into the nightmare – recreating it and pushing past the barrier in a bid to find out what I could learn from this dream simulation. Now, I’m very much human and yes things do get under my skin. Knowing myself has been a fundamental part of the work. Knowing what’s mine, what’s being imprinted onto me, expectations from “the other” and what’s just pure madness. I can’t say I know all my blind spots and my faults, but when I remember to work with the fear rather than against it – something magical happens. And if I can’t pull myself though, having a trusted circle of friends and wisdom keepers to hold me, ground me, and accept this part in me – moves me down to my core. Maybe it’s not even about conquering them. Why does everything need to be escalated to a life or death battle? Maybe the answer we’re all looking for is a whole lot simpler than this.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | Maybe learning to speak 8 new languages fluently in the next 2 years isn’t going to happen… but being part of a league of emergence is. To be honest dreams happen in very interesting ways. I always wanted to co-create and co-run a publishing company. A client of mine is making moves to set one up. Sometimes our dreams are a little too big for us to handle – and they’re not actually meant to be owned by us. So it’s amazing to see what’s emerging by just opening oneself to the right people, and being in service of their dreams. I don’t need to co-create it or co-run it for something to be in my field. I just need to align myself to things I dream of being part of. My dreams were never driven by status … they were designed instead to make an impact. 

Advice On Building Wealth |

  1. How about growing an enriched life – instead of growing rich?
  2. “Wealth is what you are left with when you lose all your money” It’s beyond an actual monetary status or pre-defined value system.
  3. It’s not about the money. It’s about Wellbeing. Think about it – why do we want money? Because we want a better quality of life right? Sure sometimes we invest it in the things that we think make us happy, but don’t. Yet ultimately it’s all about Wellbeing.
  4. It starts with how you add value to the world using your unique talents. I don’t believe in a single cookie-cutter approach to creating wealth. If that was true we’d all be Millionaires. Knowing yourself and being authentic to that (in the way you do business) is critical. That’s why I’ve launched the Next-Move-Hackathon. It’s time you made your finances, your talents, and your wellbeing yours again.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | Actually one of my clients shared something with me that moved me to my core just today. She mentioned that I’m not only creating a legacy, but living it, and not only living it, but also planting a little piece of it into the lives of everyone I work with. I CHOOSE TO create a purpose-driven-ecosystem that is designed to help entrepreneurs thrive. That’s why I’M DRIVEN TO inspire and support a new class of Emerging Leaders, Startups, Agents of Change, Conscious Brands, compelling teams and scale-ups in leading the shift.

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