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Kristina Dryža

Kristina Dryža is an international trend forecaster, writer and author of the allegorical novel, Grace and the Wind. Of Lithuanian origin she was raised in Adelaide, Australia and moved overseas in 1999. For the past 13 years Kristina has been based between London, New York, Tokyo and Hawaii while travelling the world gaining insight into emerging social, cultural and consumer trends for top international companies.

Kristina-Dryza_P3My Definition Of Success | Success requires energy. To me this means aligning – not fighting – the rhythms of life so we can navigate the journey with less struggle and more grace. Trusting that nature knows what she’s doing has led me – over the years – to also trust my own rhythms and cycles. Nature’s intelligence has become my intelligence.

I Am Driven By | Teaching people to rediscover the ancient wisdom encoded in nature’s rhythms, whilst also reminding them that there’s no self to improve, only our true nature to express.

The Difference Between Good And Great | The people who are brilliant are those that exist ‘in’ time – the present moment – where all true power exists.


A Key Talent | You can’t truly create if you’re not in touch with the stillness within. Silence is the pathway to greater creativity; so first remove the non-essential so the essential may speak. Then live and act within the nature of all things. Joy arises from this state of consciousness, which allows you to prosper.

Kristina-Dryza_P2The Characteristics Of Success | The states of acceptance and presence, the ‘actions’ of effortlessness and flow, the habit of reflection to inspire appropriate pacing and phasing, and the behaviours of congruency and alignment.

Principles I Live By | Soul connection & contribution; Rhythm & nature; Presence & grace; Fun & well-being; Passion & creativity; Beauty & elegance.

How I Use My Mind | By embracing rhythm as fundamental to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, I no longer resist the natural flow of life, which gives me confidence in timing i.e. when to move forward and when to retreat.

Lessons I Have Learnt | That grace is a way of moving through this world – a nobility of being – and to be true to my own nature and express that essence in my style of living.

Performing At My Peak | By asking the present moment what it requires of me.


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