Kagiso Rabada

Kagiso-Rabada_P1A Key Talent | A strength of mine, is that I have always dreamed big, and backed myself to achieve anything I set my mind to. It has helped me to persevere, and has built enormous fire and hunger, within my spirit. Always believe you can achieve anything. Be confident in your ability.

I Am Driven By | The thought of one day being a great man, who is respected by many. The idea of making a huge impact on the world, in the most pleasant ways I can.

Principles I Live By | It is important to read the bible, and to become educated on the bible. The bible  is the way of life. The bible tells you to live a holy life, in which results in a fulfilled and happy life. The principles and values that the bible tells you to live by, can only do you good. Think about it. We try and live by it and at times it is tough. We are not perfect; however we should strive to live by it.

Performing At My Peak | Make sure you put the hard yards in, being ready for the challenge. Not letting your success get to you.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | I like to listen to music, it chills me out. Spending time with family is crucial. Admiring the great talents of my role models and idols!

I Am Inspired By | My parents. Cristiano Ronaldo. Dale Steyn, Dan carter and Michael Holding.

My Definition Of Success | Success for me will be when I have achieved all my goals in life.

On Inspiring Others | I let them know what I want to achieve, and make sure they feel how hungry I am to succeed. I show them respect.

How I Use My Mind | I imagine myself in the position I would like to be, in the future. I imagine how proud my friends and family will be of me, and even how proud I would be, of myself.

Critical Skills I Develop | Making sacrifices, being disciplined, making clear choices, stay humble, and always be yourself.


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