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Justin R. Melville

Delivered by a doctor wearing a tuxedo, it was a fitting beginning to a life determined to be extraordinary. Justin R. Melville is a designer, university drop-out and entrepreneur with a healthy appetite for big and bold ideas. By the tender age of 28, Justin has served as a partner at the Rubiks Room, founder and creator of Airborne Music, creative director at HealthQ Technologies and CEO of Ekaya.com. The intersection of design and technology is Justin’s home address and he thrives on turning ideas into world-changing companies.

My Definition Of Success | Weirdly, success (in the traditional sense) seems unattainable – one can always do better.  I suppose true success is being comfortable-with and proud-of yourself in your pursuit of whatever it is that you’re after.

I Am Driven By | The pursuit of a meaningful life (whatever that actually means). Mediocrity is the worst thing you can achieve.

My Highlights | Hard to answer but, on my darker days, I sometimes look into the mirror and say “at least I didn’t peak in high school”. I am better today than I was yesterday, and for as long as I can say that I will be proud of myself.

The Difference Between Good And Great | People who have matched their passion with their gifts and applied them in the right place at the right time are most likely to achieve greatness.

A Key Talent | System-level design thinking is something that has always been at the core of everything I do. It means being solution-oriented, not problem-focussed. Engage-with and understand a problem, holistically, but your mind should always be looking toward a solution. This is something you can do and practice dozens of times a day on matters big and small. It makes it easier to live (happily) in a problematic world but it’s also vital in the pursuit of creating value.

The Characteristics Of Success | You’re odds of success increase exponentially when you try.

Principles I Live By | 

  • Think big (ger).
  • Be brave.
  • Try hard.
  • Appreciate small things.
  • Strive for simplicity.
  • Don’t be an a**hole.

Critical Skills I Develop | I used to be a bit of a lonely island. Connecting with people is the only real way to make things happen.

How I Use My Mind | Be solution-oriented and not problem-focussed.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Contrary to what the popular kids say… know when to give up or let go. I’ve lost far more by trying to hold on to something for longer than I should have.

Dealing With Doubt | I try to remember that bravery is not the absence of fear, it’s the willingness to confront it.

Performing At My Peak | Be honest with yourself about where and what your peak really is.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | The Internet is the greatest tool in this regard because it connects you to everything. Specifically, 10-minutes-of-TED-day will help keep the cobwebs at bay.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | The worst thing you can do is cross the last thing off your to-do list.

The Meaning Of Life | Wake up every day and try and move the needle on what it means to be a human being.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | ”Look up.” Try it once in a while.

Advice On Building Wealth | I’ve always had the strategy of “make more than you could spend” but if you look at the broader definition of “wealth” I guess my advice is to create value and remember that people are everything (they can make you, break you and take you).

On Inspiring Others | Share a great vision.

I Am Inspired By | Elon Musk and Richard Feynman are two humans I have enormous respect for.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I want others to find, understand and apply their life force to their “purpose” – the thing(s) that one is uniquely gifted and positioned to do within the context of a greater world.

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