Joe Landolina | American Inventor & Biomedical Engineer

Joe Landolina

Joe Landolina is the inventor of VETI-GEL, which is a gel that can instantly stop traumatic bleeding – without the need to apply pressure. This means that this could be a viable replacement for plasters and bandages todayHe recently built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, New York to bring the product to market. Landolina is the founder and CEO of Sunrise, a medical device company that develops and markets products to save lives. He came up with the concept when he was just 17 in 2010. Joe is also a Ted Fellow. 

My Definition Of Success | Success means delivering on the opportunity to save lives through technology. Early in my career, I held a more traditional view of success that included building a large, successful business. However, now that I more fully understand the power of innovation, my success is defined by how I come up with new ways to use technology and develop tools that solve medical problems.

Joe-Landolina-1I Am Driven By | I’m driven to push my technology into each area where it can impact medical results. I feel an incredible responsibility to make sure Suneris’ innovations are successful not only in the lab, but also in daily clinical settings.

The Difference Between Good And Great | People who are good at what they do often follow a formula or path likely to deliver success. They essentially adhere to a “check-box” mentality. Entrepreneurs who bridge the gap between good and great are those who break away from traditional paths to pursue opportunities and industries where effective solutions do not yet exist. I’ve found that discomfort and desperation can be powerful drivers of innovation.

 A Key Talent | Perseverance has served me well along my professional journey. In the early days of Suneris, I faced doubters and naysayers, many of whom had far more experience that I did. I learned to advocate for my ideas in the face of repeated criticisms. I encourage fellow innovators to find a balance between learning from critical feedback and staying committed to their core ideas.

The Characteristics Of Success | The ability to stay the course during high and low times has been critical to my achievements. I’ve come to realize that innovators are constantly riding a roller coaster of positive and negative feedback, and the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. Business success often follows those who build a habit of working with consistent focus and effort through good and bad times.

Joe-Landolina-2Principles I Live By | Clarity and honesty. A successful team cannot hide problems or concerns for even the smallest issues. Our team has found that full transparency at the outset saves us time and leads to more effective problem-solving. Being honest with one another is critical to making sure we can quickly solve customers’ problems and deliver on promises.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Focus on making it through your next step. If you try to tackle every problem at once, you may end up working through a state of despair. There are plenty of times as an innovator when you need to tune out factors you can’t control and persevere through the immediate task at hand.

 Dealing With Doubt | Self-doubt and fear are omnipresent forces for many entrepreneurs. My first opportunity to test VETIGEL in front of medical professionals generated great fear. I’ve always believed in my product, but it’s scary to put your reputation on the line for the first time. I successfully completed the demo by trusting the research and hard work that had brought me to that point. Those early trials showed me that if you put in the necessary effort on the front end, you have a strong basis to withstand early criticism.

Joe-Landolina-3Resources I Use To Stay Inspired |  I’m an avid reader, mostly modern fiction, reference works and classics. I also keep up with a range of peer-reviewed publications relevant to medical technology. Outside of reading, I stay inspired by focusing on my core relationships with family and friends. Those closest to me have always provided the encouragement I need to recharge and stay focused. I’ve also found that daily long walks help me de-stress.

 I Am Inspired By | My parents both started companies against strong odds and persevered through many challenges. Their examples push me to build something of value, both with the VETIGEL technology and future innovations.


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