Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart is founder and president of Cathcart Institute, Inc. and one of the most widely recognized professional speakers in the world. As the author of 13 books and scores of recorded programs, his students number in the hundreds of thousands.
For over 20 years Jim Cathcart has been exploring human Development. Audiences worldwide have experienced his wisdom and humour. Jim has been a corporate executive, a psychological researcher, an association leader, a meeting planner and an entrepreneur.

My Definition Of Success | Success is living a life of meaning and significance. I think my definition has remained constant over the years but my personal goals have changed as I advanced.

I Am Driven By | I want to matter to the world, to make a difference. I want the world to be better because I lived.

My Highlights | My proudest achievement is my son. He has matured into a 44 year old father and leader whom I admire. His life is proof that the concepts and beliefs that we raised him to embrace will truly work in the world. He is the Director of Human Resources for a 5 Star Hotel where he has won worldwide acknowledgement for excellence and they were recently chosen as the #1 Hotel in all of Southern California by Conde Nast Traveler. His two children are A students and happy people. His son holds a black belt in Taekwondo, plays piano exceptionally well and teaches others, does amazing close up magic, is the fastest runner in his middle school (8th grade), and Jim’s daughter is not only a great student but also a cheerleader. What more could a person ask for?
In my career I’m proud to have been president of the National Speakers Association and to have received all of the top awards in the speaking profession: The Cavett Award, Golden Gavel Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame and Speaker Hall of Fame.
I’ve written and published 16 books and 2 of those have become international best sellers: Relationship Selling and The Acorn Principle.

The Difference Between Good And Great | Good is about skill, Great is about Mindset and Skill in that order. Nobody becomes great through practice alone. It requires a commitment to do whatever it takes, ethically, to achieve success. Discipline is a huge factor.

A Key Talent | My dedication to succeed no matter how long it took nor how hard I had to work; that is the one thing that made the biggest difference. Ask yourself what kind of life you want and then ask what kind of person you’ll need to be in order to earn that life. “How would the person you’d like to be do the things you’re about to do?”
Acquire every skill and knowledge that you will need and the life you want will find you as you work toward your goals.

The Characteristics Of Success | I believe in God and that our lives as His creations are important. We have the opportunity to make life better for others by making the most of ourselves. There are millions of ways to help; some simple some powerful. We have a duty to live as fully as we can and to serve others through our work.

Principles I Live By | Truth, honesty, willingness to do your part and then some, caring about others and looking for ways to advance life for all.

Critical Skills I Develop | Financial discipline is powerful and necessary. You must send some of today’s money ahead to the person you will be when you’re older by way of savings and investments.
Also, learn technology’s use and be open to always learning new and better ways. Never stop learning.

How I Use My Mind | I pray for guidance and then listen for it in everything around me. I’m open to changing, learning and growing. I end each day with a prayer of gratitude: Thank you Lord for this Good Day. Then I review the day looking for the good in it.

Dealing With Doubt | I’ve been betrayed, cheated, duped, and let down by many people but not by most people. The vast majority are good people and can be trusted, so I take time to heal my emotional wounds and I don’t project my fears onto others nor allow myself to become cynical.

Performing At My Peak | Fitness is a habit, mentally and physically. I run mountain trails 3 days a week, workout in the gym on 2 days and live an active lifestyle. I play rock & roll music in clubs and sing (for pay) each month. I also read, explore and learn continually. One great rule is Just Show Up! When you put yourself into learning situations, you’ll learn more.


Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | The list is endless: Success Magazine, Nightingale Conant products, Simple Truths books, my colleagues’ books, and TED & TEDx videos.

The Meaning Of Life | We are put here to live fully and abundantly.

Advice On Building Wealth | Commit to do it. Don’t try, DO! Don’t ever give up, and don’t destroy your life in the pursuit of money.

On Inspiring Others | Be the kind of person that others will be glad to be friends with.

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