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Jerri Mokgofe

Jerri Mokgofe is a South African fashion stylist, publicist and blogger, best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, modelling agencies, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. He has worked with international and local renowned brands as their fashion publicist, and was on the judging panel of GQ Magazine South Africa ‘Best Dressed Men Awards 2013’.

My Definition Of Success Success to me means achieving all the j12short term goals I have set for myself, which I then utilize as stepping stones to achieve my long term goals. Success is celebrating all the milestones I have achieved no matter how trivial they may seem. Success for me is not a benchmark marked by societal norms or definition of what success is supposed to be. Most importantly success for me is rooted in me being able to say; “I am happy, I am positive and I am in a good space with my life in totality.”

I Am Driven By  The fact that I know that I can, I am willing and capable to do whatever it is I set myself to do and achieve. Willpower is a strong force that drives me.

My Strengths One of my strengths is being true to myself, no matter what circumstance I find myself in. The other strength that I have and I try refine everyday is the ability to be able to communicate effectively. I have come to notice that often we think we know how to communicate our message clearly and hope that is understood clearly but more often than not that is not the case.
Communication process is a skill that I value most. Being true to myself allows me to uphold my personal values and stand for what I truly believe in.

Characteristics of Greatness |

  • photoTreating people with the same level of respect they treat me and everyone else.
  • Being sociable and opening myself to other people’s views and opinions on subject matters.
  • Knowing to say NO to things I am not interested in getting involved in or doing without feeling guilty.
  • Not losing myself amongst the midst, knowing where I come from and where I would like to go and lastly upholding the principles and values instilled within me though the journey of life.

Principles and Values I Live By | Be true to yourself, respect yourself enough to respect others, be transparent and ethical in your actions and never miss an opportunity to be kind and positive to the next person.

Lessons I’ve Learnt | Nobody owes you a favour in life and you are responsible for your own happiness.

Jerri Mokgofe - Prudence Louw Photography (2)Performing At My Peak | By being inspired; I draw inspiration from different kinds of things and without some kind of inspiration I tank.

The Meaning of Life | To be the best person you can be, be optimistic, try to see the good in others and situations you are in and lastly to surround yourself with positivity.


The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received | Feel fear and go for it but most importantly choose happiness. If it doesn’t make you happy let go of it.

Advice On Building Wealth There is more to life than “rich and wealth”. Embrace life and learn to live a fulfilling life.


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