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After growing-up in a small Pennsylvania steel-mill town near Pittsburgh as the son of a steelworker and a housewife – multi-millionaire James Malinchak is now one of most requested highest paid motivational and business speakers and business marketing coaches in America.
Since 2001, Malinchak’s strong passion for serving others has impacted hundreds of thousands by teaching his unique personal and business strategies through his corporate and college speaking, public seminars, private coaching, books and home study courses. Malinchak has dedicated his life to helping others “Achieve a Better, Richer Business and Life!”™

James-Malinchak_P3My Definition Of Success | Waking-up each day and experiencing happiness with your life while being grateful and thankful for all of your blessings!

My Highlights | A big part of my inspiration in life comes from my sister Vicki who died from a brain tumor. Having the chance to spend quality brother and sister time with Vicki during the last few months of her life, was the greatest blessing God has ever given me in my life and is what I am most grateful for in my life. My experience of spending quality time with Vicki before she passed away impacted my heart and soul in ways that will never be matched!

The Difference Between Good And Great | Three things: One, you have to master your mindset. I’m not talking about positive, wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky thinking. I’m all about being positive, but I’m talking about how you train yourself to think differently on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Think and act differently to achieve success.
However, mindset is not enough. The second thing is the development of your skill set. You have to get the right skills. If you want to influence folks, if you want to make a difference, if you want to grow a business, if you want to grow your income, then you need certain skills in order to do that. All the mindset and positive direction in the world won’t work unless you apply it with the right skill set. But skill set is not enough alone.
It’s three things. Get the right mindset, enhance your skillset, and then get off your assets and do something. A lot of people talk a good game, but they don’t actually use the mindset and use their skillset to actually produce results.
I love the words of a famous business philosopher who passed away a few years ago, Jim Rohn. He said, “You cannot hire other people to do your pushups for you.” Basically, that means you get the right mindset first, take the skills that you learn, and get off your butt and take action and do the stuff.  I believe when you do those three things, you can have massive influence.

A Key Talent | The ability to dream big, but more importantly, to pursue my dreams and goals. Growing-up in a small steel-mill town in Western Pennsylvania in the United States made it difficult for me to conceive I could achieve certain big goals. But, then I heard a Walt Disney quote that changed my life: “If you can dream it – YOU CAN DO IT!”  Remembering and following that one quote has allowed me to achieve some amazing blessings in my life.

James-Malinchak_P2Dealing With Doubt | In every situation you CHOOSE whether you will have a positive or negative outlook. Nothing good will ever come from being negative so I ALWAYS choose to find the lesson in the adversity. As I teach attendees of my Big Money Speaker® Boot Camps : “Tough times don’t last. They’re just like storms – eventually they pass so you have to ride out the storm!”

Lessons I Have Learnt | To always be grateful and thankful for everything you have or accomplish in your life and to credit others who have helped you!

Advice On Building Wealth | I have a simple philosophy for succeeding in any business, and I do mean any business. Forget about strategic plans, fancy formulas or complex ratios. These may be important aspects of running a business. However, whether or not any business is successful and profitable will depend on this simple, yet extremely important, philosophy which is: “If you do not continuously attract new customers and keep current customers, then you will not be in business very long, period!”
It does not matter which business you are in. The bottom line for the success of any business, large or small, is getting new customers and keeping current customers. I can’t understand why people fail to realize this philosophy and fail to focus on it all day, every day.
If you think anything is more important for the success of your business than this philosophy, then I dare you to try running your business without customers. In fact, take customers away from anyone in any business and see how long they remain in business. Think about it.
Financial advisers, real estate agents, sales and marketing professionals, mortgage brokers, bankers, accountants, attorneys, plumbers, contractors, retailers, dentists, chiropractors, medical doctors, network marketers, travel agents, professional speakers, car dealers. You name it. The list goes on and on.
Never lose focus of the fact that whether or not you stay in business and, more importantly profit, will depend on your ability to continuously attract new customers and to constantly keep your existing ones.

Critical Skills I Develop | As you go through life, you will be faced with many roadblocks. Obstacles that will knock you down. What you do or do not achieve in life will highly depend on your willingness to get-up when life knocks you down.
You will be knocked down in life, because it’s simply a part of life and happens to everyone. The question is, will you get up? Those who get up when they’re knocked down and those who continuously strive to overcome obstacles succeed in life.
Making excuses is fast path to failure. In every situation, you can only have two things: excuses or solutions. If you focus on the excuse why you can’t achieve something then you’ll never find the solution for how YOU CAN achieve something.
When things are tough and you feel like quitting, dig deep within yourself and focus on your dream and goal. There is only one way you fail in this world, and that is if you decide to quit and give-up.
Difficult times are only tests that life gives us to see if we really want to achieve our dream and goal. When you commit to your dream and goal and adopt the “I’ll never give-up attitude,” difficult situations eventually seem to disappear.
Remember: “Take the ‘T’ out of can’t. You CAN do it!”

James-Malinchak_P1I Am Inspired By | My experience being featured on ABCs Worldwide Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire,” and having my heart and soul impacted by the amazing givers and servers I met on the show, is one of the greatest blessing I’ve ever received! The people I met while filming the show truly inspired me.  Initially I thought I was going on the show simply to be a guy living under cover than revealing my true identity and writing checks to some deserving people so they could further their missions. But I quickly realized it was much more meaningful than that. I met some of the most amazing, beautiful angels who are serving and helping others simply because they just want to help. From them, I learned the true meaning of sacrifice, dedication and love for others and they taught me that “Rich Is More Than Money!” The show is called “Secret Millionaire,” but the people I met on the show are the true heroes.





The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | Years ago they asked Mother Teresa, “How do you think about what you’ve done to help people?” She said, “I believe I’m just a pencil in the hand of God. I’m just doing and saying things that are flowing through me to help.”
Whether I’m speaking for a group, consulting for a client or serving for a charity, I always remind myself of that. I’m just a pencil in the hand of God doing some good things to help others. I’m blessed, grateful and thankful to be able to help others and believe the greatest gift you could ever receive is knowing that you have made a positive difference in the lives of others. I’d love for my legacy to be simply that I have helped others and made a positive difference in their lives!

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