Inna Rosputnia | Wall Street's Queen of Trading | investor | author | philanthropist

Inna Rosputnia

Nominated to the Women in Finance Awards in 2016, Inna Rosputnia is known as the female trader who turned $10k into $3,000,000 in just a few years of trading. She has run one of the fastest growing investment companies and was recently named “Wall Street Queen” by one of the bankers during the Women Economic Forum. Inna has been active as a philanthropist since 2013, when she began providing funds to help women in Africa to attend universities and start their own businesses. In 2016 Inna joined the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, where she has been working to promote gender equity, the values of open society, human rights, transparency and empowering women. She is also the author of a book: “Basic instinct of woman-trader”.  

About my Life Mission | I have a special mission to engage with women around investing and empower them to take control over their finances. I am very active as a philanthropist and since 2016 I have been working with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. I believe creating possibilities for others is the most important task and that it really can change the world for better.

My Definition Of Success |Success is self-fulfillment.  I believe only you can identify yourself as successful, not others.

The Difference Between Good And Great |Happiness… When you do something Great, you feel happiness, drive and energy for realizing new ideas. Winners are focused on making sure when they do their job, it is Great. They know it will give them that special satisfaction and a new wave of success. Others make sure they do just a good job, just enough to know that it’s done.

A Key Talent | Many people say my key talent is that I have a special sense of the market but I believe it’s empowering others. I know how difficult it is to move from zero to millions and I know that it is possible. This is what I am trying to bring into everyone’s ears and mind – patience, dedication, hard work and belief in yourself. These are the guarantees of success in any business.

Dealing With Doubt | I believe doubt is a hint from our inner voice or  unconscious mind that we may have missed something important. So, for me it’s Reason #1 to double check and analyze everything once more. In trading and investing doubts play a special role. From that point on, I become a risk manager and forget that I am trader.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | ‘Never give up’. The first person who gave me this advice was my grandmother. She said obstacles are part of life and part of success. Winners never give up and continue moving forward to their goal no matter what.

Advice On Building Wealth | Building wealth takes time and takes a good plan. One of the many reasons a lot of people make wrong decisions about their investments is their desire to get rich very fast. No one became a billionaire in one day. Only those with realistic expectations and careful planning can truly build wealth.

 I Am Inspired By | I am inspired by people who made difference in a world, who kept moving forward…… always. Women like Mother Teresa, Golda Meir. I believe inside of each person is the same power and the same world-changing capability and it is our own responsibility to find it and set it free.


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