Inari Virkkala

Inari Virkkala is an architect specializing on the social impacts of the built environment.
Based in Helsinki, Finland.
Ecological and social aspects of architecture and urban planning have been at the center of my interest for years. Most recently we have finished the construction of the Kouk Khleang Youth Center to Cambodia with our working group Komitu Architects.
My Master’s Thesis on housing for refugees received the highest possible grade, two prizes and was exhibited in Tallinn Architecture Biennale. During my studies I was working for Kimmo Lylykangas Architects, Finland’s topmost architecture practice focusing on energy efficiency and passive buildings.
Currently I am working on the Social Structure -research project and the South of North-exhibition. I am also a co-founder and board member of the real estate company Hukkatila Oy and the Uusi Kaupunki -collective of six young Finnish design practices. In April 2014 I became a member of the board of Architecture Sans Frontières International.

Inari-Virkkala_P1My Highlights | Completing the construction of the Kouk Khleang Youth Center in Cambodia and seeing the local NGOs starting to use the building.

The Difference Between Good And Great | People who are great at what they are doing have a lot of confidence. They don’t waste time thinking if their solution to a problem is the right one, but they simply trust on their own judgement and thus operate effectively.

A Key Talent | I would not say I have already had success, but I am in the beginning of my journey. What I try to follow myself, but don’t always succeed, is to remember, that “Done is better that perfect.” Getting things done and learning while doing.

Performing At My Peak |To be able perform well work wise, also other parts of one’s life need to be in balance. Sleep well, do enough exercise, meet friends and family and have loving relationships around you.

Inari-Virkkala_P2Resources I Use To Stay Inspired |Cycling and running outdoors are the best ways to organize your thoughts and solve difficult tasks. Despite being very busy, one should always remember to exercise as an hour outside gives you two back in efficiency.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I wish my contribution to build a better world would one day be significant outside my personal scale.

The Meaning Of Life | The meaning of life is to be happy in your own life, but do it in a way that it does not prevent anyone else’s happiness.

I Am Inspired By | I greatly admire the politicians, journalists, doctors and aid workers working fearlessly in the conflict areas of the world.


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