Helen Fraser | COO Of Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation

Helen Fraser

Helen Fraser is COO of the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation. Under Fraser’s guidance, the NCCF supports almost 15 000 underprivileged children on a daily basis. The foundation provides food, cleaning materials and toiletries to a network of 72 children’s charities, in the hopes of creating sustainable, child-friendly living conditions. With Fraser at the helm, the NCCF also supplies stationery, school clothes and bags to needy children in townships. In addition, the NCCF spearheads building projects and facilitates upgrades to existing community centres.

Helen-Fraser_P1My Definition Of Success | Success is very important because without it, you haven’t achieved anything. It is the achievement and rewards it brings that is a measurement of what I’ve done for Nashua, the NCCF and others. Your success is not your own, it is determined by many other influences. Success is measured in different ways as you grow not just in age but in what you are doing.

My Highlights | Creating a successful and sustainable foundation and in ten years having grown it from assisting two children’s charities, to an organisation that now supports a staggering 72 organizations in need. Being married for 36 years and having the unconditional love and support from family in the work I do.

The Difference Between Good And Great | Being great is being passionate about what you do and seeing the benefit of that through the eyes of other people.

A Key Talent | Staying positive, motivating others and looking to the future with open eyes. Even when the future looks bleak, to take off your blinkers and see the positive. One should never give up, no matter what obstacles block your path. You need to step back, don’t judge and take a breath. Think about the actions you take before you take them because the consequences of being impulsive can be dire. You have to reflect very closely on decisions you make as they affect not only you but also others around you.

Helen-Fraser_P2_v2Principles I Live By | Honesty and integrity are critical to human behaviour. You need to believe in yourself and others around you that are able and willing to assist you. Depending on a support base and believing in them. There are so many examples that I can think of when I have needed assistance from our Nashua franchise holders and they are there for me – time and time again. I always incorporate Nashua’s values in my life and believe that if you live by EXCELLENCE, RESPECT, CHANGE, COURAGE, ACCOUNTABILITY AND PASSION you can conquer all.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Giving is very important: giving of yourself and giving of your time. Recognizing that people are thankful for what you do. The smile and the hug of a child when receiving the simplest things that we take for granted. Appreciating what you have because there are many more that have not.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | People, friends, family and businesses have always formed the core of what I do, in terms of volunteering. They inspire me to see the goodness in other people. There are different ways that people contribute (i.e. time, money, goods or emotional support) and they are often willing to do so. No matter how big or small, all contributions are meaningful. Seeing how people are willing to contribute in so many different ways and means.

On Inspiring Others | Showing them the joy of a child. I often say “my words can’t express gratitude but the smile of a child is the greatest motivation and is enormously rewarding”. It is not only me reaching my goals but enabling others to reach their goals.  Learning over the years to lead by example – a valuable tool.

Helen-Fraser_P3_v2The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | To help others less fortunate than myself to see that the NCCF grows from strength to strength, whether I am involved or not. For many more children to receive help long after I am gone. I would like to know that I’ve made a difference and that those that have helped me along the way feel that they have done so as well.

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