Gary Kirsten | Former South African Cricketer & World Cup Winning Coach

Gary Kirsten

Gary Kirsten is a former South African cricketer and the World Cup winning coach of the Indian Cricket Team. He played 101 Test matches and 185 One-day internationals for South Africa between 1993 and 2004, mainly as an opening batsman. He has recently established a cricket academy named the Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy (GKCA). Kirsten has a vision to develop an internationally recognised cricket academy that would be based at a state-of-the art facility. Many cricketers from around the world join the GKCA during their off season to ensure that they sharpen their game and continually get access to the top coaches.

Gary-Kirsten-1My Definition of Success | To optimize your God given abilities, I used to view success as something I could control but have realized I can only control the process of the journey I’m on.

I Am Driven By | I wake up every morning wanting to give the best of myself on that day. I don’t like to drift through any day.

The Difference Between Good and Great | Those that are great at what they do have single minded focus and professional will to persevere through all obstacles in front of them without looking for an easier option.

A Key Talent | Each person is uniquely different and has to discover through their own set of circumstances what helps them reach their goals. I was driven largely by fear and to prove to people that I’m good enough to belong in certain environments. I would not recommend this as a driving force to anyone’s life. However, for a few of us, our resilience and determination shone through under these circumstances.

Gary-Kirsten-3Performing At My Peak | I don’t believe one can consistently perform at their peak and. Most of our learning in life comes through failure, mistakes and adversity. It is critical for all of us to have these experiences as part of our life journey.

Best I’ve Received | There are no easy roads to reaching meaningful goals. Be prepared to work hard at everything you want to achieve.

Advice On Building Wealth | Be careful what you wish for and don’t make becoming rich your driver in life.

Gary-Kirsten-2I Am Inspired By | I’m inspired by the thousands of people who work in environments that help other people be the best that they can be. Leaders who are able to drive a positive value system through a community of people regardless of circumstances, inspire me.

The Legacy I Would Like to Leave | I don’t believe in leaving a legacy – the world is not about me.


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