Garth Walker | Designer, Publisher, Photographer

Garth Walker

Garth Walker is the founder of design studio, Mr Walker. His interests lie in developing and encouraging a design language “rooted in the African experience” and it is this that he is best known for. Since 1995 and some 24 issues later, Walker has published Africa’s only experimental graphics magazine, i-jusi. He has been widely recognised with over 100 design awards, published in something like 80 magazines and books. He is represented in the collections of Museum of Modern Art, Biblioteque Nationale de France, Victoria & Albert Museum, The Smithsonian, and numerous university and academic collections worldwide.

Garth Walker

My Definition Of Success | Success is finding the balance between freedom to do what suits you, and what suits others

I Am Driven To | Find that balance (extremely difficult).

My Highlights | I’m still doing it after 35 years. Some of the work Ive done will outlive me. But I still feel I can do better (work).

The Difference Between good And Great | Knowing how hard it is – and not losing site of the fact that our business is mostly ‘opinion’ and not an exact science. Lastly to realize there are many others out there who are way better than yourself.

A Key Talent | Simple: 1. Commitment and hard work 2. Don’t be greedy (most are). You just have to keep going, keep believing what you do and how you do it, can make a difference. One thing Ive learned after all this time is ‘its all cycles’. Good times. Bad times. You have to find a way to survive the cycles. To do that you need to refer to number 4 above – and ‘just plod along’. Too many give up along the way.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | The streets and townships of South Africa. And the creativity of ordinary South Africans. We are the most creative nation on earth (but few – and certainly not Government – seems to notice or care).

Garth Walker

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | To keep doing what I do till I drop (literally). And to be around for my 3 daughters in reasonably fine fettle.

The Meaning Of Life | Everything one is told is a con. Its all bullshit. Find out for yourself (the hard way) 

Advice On Building Wealth And Getting Rich | I have no interest in either, though a bit more cash would be nice. I work for many who have achieved this goal, and they are mostly horrid people.

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