Garron Gsell

Garron Gsell is South Africa’s Movember country manager and is the man responsible for running the official South African Movember campaign.

My Definition Of Success | At an early age, success by its definition was my original goal – uncertain at this stage of my life of what career and profession I would pursue, I was driven by a hunger for achievement to reap the rewards in the physical and material forms.  This certainly makes the journey more rewarding and comfortable, however, with the experience gained through the achievement of short & medium term goals established, there was a deeper need for success beyond the physical, involving the establishment of more meaningful goals beyond the physical existence, to one of contribution and making a difference.
My definition of success has certainly changed over the years – naturally with experience and the constant expansion of Garron Gsell 1success has become the constant realization of worthy goals with the expansion of happiness.

The Difference Between good And Great | Drive, purpose and passion, combined with doing what you love and are aligned too allows that you work with a purpose is what I feel separates people who are good from great. Constantly striving to achieve and be the best you can be by setting and reaching unrealistic goals combined with developing a broad skill set is what separates people who are good and great.

My Key Talent | When pursuing a goal and objective, success is simply the opposite of failure.  Problem solving when faced with multi-faceted challenges, which poses the risk of success or failure requires focus, a broad approach to resolve and overcome when dealing with risks and challenges in order to reach the necessary objective and success.
This also requires foresight to identify risks and challenges and develop a series of alternative solutions, while being able to think quickly and timeously and being resourceful or utilizing resources effectively to determine the best possible outcome to a challenge which could either determine success or failure.
Challenges are part of everyday life and are riddled with opportunity if dissected into their core.  Being uncompromised in your goal of success provides commitment to overcoming challenges and how they are managed and dealt with, which may either lead us closer to success or failure.  It is to know which choices to make and when – even when it doesn’t seem like there is a choice to be made.

Garron Gsell 3Key Characteristics | Being relentless in pursuing greatness – never accept less than the best and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.  We are constantly faced with challenges, small and large – it’s how we deal with these, aligned to a success based mindset based on values and morals that will ensure long term success.
A never say die attitude and openness to lessons and learning – if you aren’t learning and aren’t failing, you’re being stagnant.  Failure is as much a part of success as is night to day – without 1 you can’t have the other.

The Values I Live By | Honesty, Integrity, Potentiality, Giving, Cause and Effect.

Key Focus Area’s | Focus, commitment and managing success and failure.

How I Use My Mind | Visualization and a map of achieving your goals is imperative – recreating what you visualize is much like building off an architectural plan.

Resources I’ve Used | There are several authors and books that keep me inspired, while there are several blogs and electronic newsletters that offer insightful learnings. In my job, being around and listening to prostate cancer survivors keeps me aligned since it calls a deep desire within me for action to make a difference.

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received You don’t win Silver, you lose Gold – Alan Knott Craig

Advice On Building Wealth | Become an amateur before a professional – do it for the love first, the money will follow.

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