Garrett McNamara

Garrett ‘GMAC’ McNamara is a professional big wave surfer and extreme waterman, who is probably best known for surfing the worlds largest wave, a 100ft monster. A living legend!
Playlist_GarrettMcNamara_03272012The Difference Between good And Great | I think one of the most important characteristics of successful people is not being a victim of their experiences. So many people blame other people and situations for their current place in life. Everyone has been through difficulties but it is up to the individual to rise above it and know that they are not defined by their past. It is up to them to make the life of their dreams.

On Recruiting Great People | This is one of the major keys to success and I believe one of the most difficult. You are who you surround yourself with so it is incredibly important to have positive and competent people around you. The way I find good people is by never giving up searching for them. I believe everyone has a life purpose and if people are doing things that help them grow and get closer to their goals then they will be motivated. Mutual respect is very important. Once the respect is gone it is very difficult to get it back. Treat other how you want to be treated.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | My wife, she is a wealth of knowledge and shares with me everything I need to know. She reads to me and keeps me focused. One of the books we read and re-read is “the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. For me that is the best book and when I am really in a good groove I read it everyday.

How I Use My Mind | You have to feel what it is like to accomplish your goal. Act in a way like it has already happened. Stay in the present moment. Stay out of your chatter box.

Garrett McnamaraMy Dreams And Ambitions | I would like to ride a wave over 100ft and travel the world with my wife and inspire children to find their passion and make it their life. If everyone is doing what they are passionate about the world would be a happy place.

Dealing With Doubt | When ever I start to doubt myself my wife reminds me of how amazing I am and that I can do anything I put my mind to. Negativity is a tough one for me and something I am working on. I heard a quote that says ” Lions don’t care what sheep think!”

My Critical Skill | Listening is very important and something I work on perfecting every day!!!


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