Garreth Soldierboy McLellan | Champion EFC Fighter

Garreth Soldierboy McLellan

Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan is the current EFC champion of the world. He has only lost once in his professional career and is known as one of the hardest working athletes alive. Nothing comes easy in life or the ring but with hard work anything is possible, exemplified through the dedication and drive that has resulted in Soldierboy’s success.
My Definition Of Success | To me it means that in every aspect of my life I must be successful. Not only financially, but in my family life and with friends as well as in my community, emotionally, psychically and spiritually.

Garreth Soldierboy McLellanI Am Driven | To be better everyday.

What I Am Most Proud Of | It has been to rise when I have fallen to be even more successful than before.

The Difference Between good And Great  | Work ethic.

My Key Talent | Its hasn’t been a talent but just plain old-fashioned hard work, and when you think you are working hard, you need to push even harder.

The Characteristics Of My Success | I keep pushing myself further and harder everyday. The days where I wanted to quit, I dig deeper and push harder. Success is not easy. it’s pain and fear and tears that u wipe away, push through and conquer to be where u need to be

Garreth Soldierboy McLellanThe Values I Live By | Be humble, but believe in yourself. Work harder than everybody else. Be honest and true to who you are. Never be something you are not.


What Life Is Really About | Be kind in life, towards others and yourself. The great success in life is not medals or championships but it is through the kind of person you are in every aspect of your life .

How I Use My Mind | You always need to live in a positive mindset. Approach every aspect of your life with enthusiasm. Always believe in yourself. Never have self-doubt. Always have a calm calculated approach. A clear head is better than a crazy one.

Lessons I’ve Learnt | Never take anything for granted. Stay grounded… Never believe you are bigger than the game, because you are not. Look after your money, don’t spend it unwisely. Surround yourself with good people, those who want the best for you. Always have fun when doing what you love.

Garreth Soldierboy McLellanDealing With Doubt | It will always be a part of what you do. Learn how to accept it and use it positively. Remember no matter what happens, always do the best. You only need to make yourself proud. Stop worrying about everybody else as only you have the right to judge yourself. Winning and losing is part of what we do, accept that and half the battle is won.

How I Perform At My Peak | By giving my best in every training session. Compete with yourself and no one else. Aim to be better everyday. Dream big and aim high.

Garreth Soldierboy McLellanResources I Use | I am inspired by life, my family and my friends myself. It’s all what you make of it. If you find inspiration in everyday life, you can’t fail. You don’t need somebody to tell you how great you are, you just need to believe it.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | that I could be an inspiration to others, to never give up and reach for their dreams cause anything is achieve able through hard work and a belief yourself.


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